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Has anyone ever noticed that companies advertise on this site? · 10:03pm Feb 16th, 2017

I've seen blogs and user pages detailed abut their service and products, even their username is a dead giveaway.

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Example? I haven't really noticed otherwise

I haven't no. Got some links?


I found one of them here.

EDIT: Also found another one here.

4425186 Huh guess I missed those. Looks like one of them got banned. Probably for being a blatant ad. I guess they do it to get around people with ad block.

4425206 Yeah, even though I think people barely check them out. It's hard to believe MLP and FimFiction have gotten so popular that real live companies are trying to get people on here to buy their stuff.

4425216 MLP makes quite a bit of money and the fandom is huge. Its not as surprising as you might think.

4425223 Yeah, but what was most surprising was that FimFiction was this popular. No one in my school has ever heard of it but me.

4425229 True most people outside the fandom don't know about. I guess people in the fandom work for them or something. But yeah it is strange.

Never seen this before. Interesting...

Stars alive, those companies must be quite desperate to be creating accounts on here in order to attract business.

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