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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Celestia the Broodmare Preview · 2:02am Feb 16th, 2017

I wanted to give everyone a taste of what was to come.

Celestia, the Broodmare

A spin off mini-story of Bumbling through my Education

Chapter One: Happiness in Servitude

There was something all together wonderful about giving up the confines and struggles of being a ruler. To simply come home, and take on the role of a servant. Today had been especially taxing. To his credit Blueblood helped lay the foundations to ensure that both Luna, and Celestia’s, courtship of Bumble Hooves went unchallenged, but it did little to stop the bickering among the Canterlot Nobility to climb to new heights. Especially since Blueblood himself had removed himself from being eligible by taking the Royal PR Director as his fiancee.

Of course this left Flurry Heart, Princess of the Crystal Empire, but most of the nobility had no patience for the filly to come of marrying age. Instead their squabbles changed tactics, and they began pushing for the removal of any non-Unicorns from Canterlot. Their argument wasn’t different from before, but they seemed less inclined to bend on it. The loss of any eligible Princess as marriage material had seen fit to their decision to become more of a thorn in the sides of said rulers.

So it was with a rather happy sigh that Celestia left the Palace. She had considered moving her herd into the Palace itself, including Bumble’s family, but with the Nobility already being the pains in the rump they were being, well, she had no intention of giving them more of a reason to be even greater pains. Instead the home the herd was using for the time being was fine, and she stepped through the door, along with her contingent of guards, and stretched.

It felt amazing to finally be free, even if that freedom was going to be short lived. She smiled and spoke to Bumble’s mother, happy to know that the mare was quite fine with the size of the herd, and even happier to know that Bumble had made a decision on where to build a home once his schooling was done. It was located in the country, not too far from Luna and her old Castle.

Naturally, if the Everfree were a bit less dangerous she would more than see fit to gifting the Castle to him, and all of their offspring. She made a mental note to do that at a later date. It would take some time, but she believed that it could be possible to make a path into the Everfree up to the Castle. Naturally she’d want to leave as much of the wildlife alone as possible, but it would still be a wonderful gift. She left the mare that was going to officially be her mother-in-law before too long and walked upstairs. The moment she arrived she saw her sister.

She knew that Luna would enjoy this, but she didn’t realize how much Luna enjoyed it. Celestia bowed her head, allowing Luna to place a magic nullifer on her horn. A moment later another of her sister wives, Pina, walked out to her. In her hands was a red bodice that she knew would not cover her breasts, no panties, and her collar. Celestia removed her royal chiton, allowing Luna to fold it to be laundered, and then she began pulling the bodice onto herself. Like she expected her breasts were simply too big to fit into the cups. Pina tapped her hooves.

“You failed to fit into your bodice correctly.”

Celestia wanted to smile, but held back. Pina was going to bring her to her husband, her lover, and her master. It meant that between here and Bumble she was under Pina’s control. She began to step forward until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“You are forgetting something, broodmare,” Luna’s honey soaked voice whispered sweetly into her ear, “Put on your collar.”

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Comments ( 2 )

So, Celestia IS going to join Bumble's herd? I have to read how that happened. I also want to read how Blueblood got his mare.

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