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Hello. I am a brony by the name of Amras Findaráto Felagund. I am a big fan of FIM fanfictions, both in the reading AND writing departments.

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Mi Amore Stella, the Tenth Alicorn of Love · 6:17pm Feb 14th, 2017

Queen Mi Amore Stella, aka 'Queen Star'

Born just over seven-gross years (about a thousand years in our own decimal counting system; Equestrians in EOF use the dozenal or base-12 counting system) before the dozenth and current Alicorn of Love, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Mi Amore Stella was the tenth reincarnation of the Alicorn of Love. (To learn more about the Alicorns of Love, please read this blog entry regarding how they were first begun.) Stella was a very empathetic young filly. She could feel the emotions of those around her to an almost painful degree. And bearing the spirit of the past nine Alicorns of Love, she felt the emptiness gnawing inside the others who were bereft of a loved one. Upon her first coupling of two lovestruck stallions (involving lots of hugs on her part), she gained her cutie mark, her dock elongated to become long and Unicorn-like, a pair of great majestic wings appeared in a flash of lime-green light from her shoulders, and an alicorn sprouted from the middle of her forehead. Like her nine prior incarnations, Mi Amore Stella had ascended upon discovering her love-based special talent.

As the sole child of the Crystal King, Stella ascended to queenhood upon his descent from the throne. Her reign was characterized by a great sense of informality, as she would so often venture out among her subjects without her regalia and hug practically anypony she met. It took a great time to get used to it, as most Alicorns of Love tended to express their love in a more... formal manner. But Stella took to a more direct manner of expressing her boundless love of love. It did not hurt that she was, in contrast to the taller and statelier Alicorns before her, very short, round, and fluffy, more adorable than beautiful.
With her special talent, she could intuit the romantic potential between any two (or three or even four) ponies, and she set things in motion to bring together what would have been considered very unusual couplings (or more). It could not be said that her intuition ever steered her wrong, however, and she was lauded by many families around the Empire for her keen sense of love. Marriages she presided over proved to be very gleeful affairs, as she proved to have an enthusiasm rivaling or even trumping that of the newlyweds.

An Earth Pony by birth, Mi Amore Stella had a naturally longer lifespan than most other ponies. She would have easily lived to be over four-gross (almost six-hundred) years old had she been born a normal Earth Pony. But as the Alicorn of Love, her lifespan was greatly expanded. She remained vigorously youthful for a very long time. And when she found her lover Smiley Sketch, an Earth Pony visiting from Equestria to the south, that youthfulness passed on to her darling. They had three daughters over the course of their life: Mi Amore Picture Perfect, Mi Amore Jelly Bean, and Mi Amore Snugglebug, each of whom shared in an Earth Pony-like longevity despite only the youngest being an actual Earth Pony.

Mi Amore Stella passed away at the age of five-gross-seven-dozen-and-seven years (811 in base-10), alongside her Smiley Sketch who passed on with her as all Alicorns of Love's lovers had. Their daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren attended them on their deathbed. Mi Amore Stella held Smiley Sketch close to her to the end. The Crystal Empire's mourning of her loss lasted formally for a year, although there were many families that lamented her passing for many years after, even to the lifetime of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

The eleventh incarnation of the Alicorn of Love, Mi Amore Diamante, was born within days of her passing, from the same seashell created by the Queens of Equestria that had born every Alicorn of Love. He had a great legacy to live up to, and while there were some that were disappointed that he did not carry himself as Mi Amore Stella, he still left his own mark upon the Crystal Empire. But that's a story for another time.


So, I guess this could count as my first collaboration in my history of doing artwork. In my Skype discussions with StarryOak, it's been abundantly clear that she adores shipping. I had jokingly stated that she is basically an Alicorn of Love like in my Elements of Friendship series, and had jokingly added her name to the list of Alicorn of Love reincarnations. When I informed her of that, it quickly snowballed into the canonization of Mi Amore Stella beyond just an Easter egg joke, and then her sketching out the likeness of her ponysona Star Splatter as an Alicorn. Naturally, I could not resist taking her into Paint.Net and coloring her in. Pretty much all of her colors come from Star Splatter, although the purple in her mane was only in one picture of Star Splatter. Lime-green is a predominant color in Stella's colors and regalia b/c it is StarryOak's favorite color. Smiley Sketch and her children with Stella are naturally a reference to StarryOak's gf's ponysona, and to the children that they designed for their ponysonas.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Happy Hearts-And-Hooves Day, everypony!

Original sketch by StarryOak

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