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I am a small time story-writer trying to get his stories published. If I can get any of my fanfictions or original stories published I'd be one happy pony! Look for J. X. Wheeler in a library soon!

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Cutie Mark Crusaders: Test of Friendship Chapter 6 Preview · 5:58pm Feb 14th, 2017

To my most faithful student Twilight Sparkle,

By the time this letter reaches you, I am sure you will have already seen what transpired between Duo and the fillies Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. I have sent this letter to assure you, and your friends, that there is nothing to worry about. This is a test to see how strong the bonds of friendship really are between those three fillies. The spell can only be broken if their willpower is strong enough or if the caster undoes it. If they are unable to overcome the spell, then I will undo it myself.

Princess Celestia

"Well... Princess Celestia knows best after all." Twilight stated, although, her face had concern written all over it.

Applejack and Rarity looked unsure of the situation while Rainbow Dash was just laughing happily at what happened.

"Oh, oh! Can I go help Duo?" Pinkie was bouncing up and down, waving her hooves this way and that, while asking this.

"Pinkie, I don't think-" Twilight was stopped from talking due to a sudden rush of wind going past her, "You should interfere?" She looked behind her, only to see the end of Pinkie's tail disappear outside the barn doors, "Oh brother..."


Duo was panting heavily as he ran towards the apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres. He stopped for a few brief moments to catch his breath, and to let his injured hoof rest, only to freeze when he heard the voices of the fillies chasing him.

"Oh Duo~ Quit running and acknowledge your love for me!" Sweetie Belle said, earning a shove from Scootaloo.

"He loves me Sweetie Belle, don't you Duo?" Scootaloo said in an almost seductive-like tone.

Apple Bloom scowled as she bumped Scootaloo to the side, "No he loves me! Ah'm sure and he's sure!" She then started to gallop faster, prompting Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to do the same.

"Leave me alone!" Duo yelled before he ran deeper into the orchard, hoping to lose the girls among the many apple trees that covered that area.

Farther and farther Duo ran, making turns left and right as he bobbed and weaved around the various apples trees that came in his path. He was making sure to move in an unpredictable of a pattern as he possibly could. Once he figured he was far enough, Duo sat down against a tree and took a few deep breaths. He may have been used to running from danger back in Manehattan but, the various turns and maneuvers he pulled this time made it more taxing on his body. Of course it also did not help that his injured hoof was actively protesting against the whole ordeal.

"All this running is not doing my sprained hoof any favors." Duo said with a sigh as he looked down at his injured leg. "What has gotten into those girls though? I've heard that saving the life of somepony can sometimes lead to them developing feelings for their savior. However, there is no way that me saving them the other day is the reason they are behaving like this now. Something else has to be going on but, I don't have any idea as to what it may be." He then shook his head as he stood up, now starting to limp towards the exit gate in the distance.

Only for Pinkie Pie to drop down in front of him from the tree above.

"Ahhhh!" Duo yelled in panic as he backpedaled into a tree. Once the initial panic was gone, he glared at the pink pony whom was currently giggling at his reaction. "Pinkie Pie? I thought you were still at the barn? What are you doing here?"

"Well I was in the barn, but then I figured it would be fun to help you hide from the girls!" Pinkie Pie smiled as she said this.

"Fun?" Duo asked in shock. "I am running away with a sprained left hind hoof in order to save my innocence. You consider that fun?"

Pinkie Pie thought for a few seconds before replying. "Well... when you put it that way then no, it isn't fun. However, the running and hiding part is fun!"

Duo's right eye began to twitch. "How is that- you know what? Fine! You can help me." He finally relented, choosing to not try and make sense of what she said.

"Duo, why are you running away? You can't hide our love for each other forever. Come back!" The voice of Sweetie Belle called out from only a few feet away.

"Talk time is over, running time is now!" Duo said quickly before dashing off towards the exit gate.

Pinkie simply giggled once more as she hopped alongside Duo as he ran. "Follow me! I know a great place in Sugarcube Corner where you can hide!"

"As long as it gets me away from the girls, that's fine by me!" Duo replied as they both reached the exit gate and ran through it to head into Ponyville.

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