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    The 3 NOs (both kinds)

    A lot people continuous yak at my chains saying I should "Write it Good" or "Improve" or "Make character growth and development"

    To which I constantly refuse, all thanks to the FIRST SET of the 3 NOs





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  • Today
    POLL: "Bullying Cartoon Characters"

    I just want honest opinions...

    If you attack cartoon characters in an fanfic out of personal spite, or it's just part of the script, or both, does that make you a bully in real life?

    Also available on Twitter

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  • Wednesday
    Starfleet Characters: Krysta/Krystaline.

    For those viewing the latest conspiracy on me (Just making it clear)

    I did not threaten said user (He's making it all up) I actually have the proof,I can't post it here (against site rules), but I can share it privately.

    "You're stuck with me, for life."

    --Telling Lightning how much she appreciates him

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  • Tuesday
    Starfleet Characters (Rhymey)

    "My name is X-L-7-Zee
    But if you like, just call me "Rhymey"
    --Introducing himself

    "This doesn't make me overjoyed,
    In fact, I'm getting quite annoyed."

    --Expressing disgust and annoyance.

    --There's nothing wrong with the way I talk
    And you've no right to scorn or mock

    --Expressing his rights to a bully.

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  • Tuesday
    My Character (Clipper)

    *Sighs* More lies and conspiriaces that I have to clear up before people get more brainwashed.


    Clipper was a jealous punk that Fluttershy married Rhymey, and also he hates Rhymey for the same frivolous reasons as my haters.

    That's what he was based on.

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Hearts and Hooves Day/Valentine's Day · 5:16pm Feb 14th, 2017

Starfleet DOES celebrate H&H, (As was shown in my Season five) But they Didn't while on Unicornicopia because that was an EQUESTRIAN Commercial holiday, not theirs... plus, as I have mentioned before, the holidays were not and would not be outlawed. It's just most of the time the Space Ponies CHOOSE not to celebrate. (Like how PEOPLE can choose not to celebrate)

1: It makes them too vulnerable to enemy attacks
2: They just don't feel like celebrating
3: It brings back bad memories/reminds them of their lost loved ones.

But since United Equestria formed, they DO celebrate it, and Hearth's Warming, and all that stuff, (I just don't put it in the story much, that's all)

One anime I watched long ago to gain ideas for tragic love fanfics was WEDDING PEACH (Pretty much a Sailor Moon Wannabe, but not bad)

Wedding Peach was the ultimate battle of LOVE (the Love Angels) vs HATRED (The Devils)

One thing I like about the Devils so much is their conquest to destroy all love and rule the world with Darkness and Hatred for their guaranteed survival, and their SWORN OATH is really inspiring for villains and to make up villains and plot for other stories... it even reflects real life a bit of how some people feel.

and I wonder what Princess Cadance would think if she heard this...


Find all the people in love... root them out and kill them!
Find anyone who is capable of love... and destroy them!
And above all; find couples who are about to get married, and wipe them off the face of the Earth forever!
Hate the love in this world!
For as long as there is love in this world, those of us with hateful hearts will know no peace!

Now, to me... That's DEEP, and INSPIRING, but don't get me wrong, I like to think like that, but I wouldn't actually carry it out in real life. In real life, I just don't want anything to do with most of that kind of love or happiness, and prefer people to keep it to themselves and I keep to my own business. Then they don't have to feel hurt and upset, and neither do I (Everyone wins)

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