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I am a small time story-writer trying to get his stories published. If I can get any of my fanfictions or original stories published I'd be one happy pony! Look for J. X. Wheeler in a library soon!

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  • 133 weeks
    Summoning Tokens

    This has been bugging me for WAAAY too long! What is even a good item to use as Delta's summoning token anyway? I honestly can not think of a good one. Can anyone help?

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  • 225 weeks
    Everybody Loves Updates!

    So writing has been slow on 'Would You Kindly?' Like almost depressingly snail like. However, I am here to say that learning a new language is hard as buck and that I decided to use a loophole so I can save myself the trouble. Unfortunately, I am stuck talking in Old English for a bit as a result of the studying.

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  • 241 weeks
    Update on 'Would You Kindly?'

    Things have been going smooth, I have been writing the chapter, despite the slow progress, and have been slowly sorting out the events in my head. However, in my haste to make this story a reality, I have stumbled into a rut. Remember when Princess Luna came to celebrate her first Nightmare Night? Well, remember that she said back in her days they talked with the royal 'we" meaning they spoke Old

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  • 276 weeks
    Cancelled Story...

    Seeing as how Rainbow Dash The Awesome hasn't responded to me in more than 2 years, I am officially declaring Cutie Mark Crusaders: Pokemon Trainers, and its parent story, cancelled until he returns, whenever that may or may not be. I deeply apologize for any disappointment this might cause.

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  • 288 weeks
    What story should I focus on?

    I am not dead everypony! So I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I just thought up an idea that could possibly help me update faster than my current 1 update every x years. I am writing a new story about a displaced human stuck as Mr. Bubbles from Bioshock. However, this blog post is not about that. I want to know, after I post the new story, which of my stories should I focus on? If I focus

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World's Greatest Daughter Update 2! · 7:12am Feb 14th, 2017

Chapter 1 of World's Greatest Daughter has been slightly re-written. I didn't like how the relationship between Leon and his girlfriend ended, since it didn't really satisfy me, so I completely rewrote the entire flashback scene! I hope everypony likes it!

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