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Just a big, tall teenager that is trying to write horse words as soon as possible... And loves games. A lot. Also, I enjoy Roleplay. Feel free to PM me about it.

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Ms. Koyabashi's Dragon Maid · 3:36am Feb 14th, 2017

Watch it. NOW.

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sounds like furry porn


It isn't. It's an extremely fun anime.

It kinda goes out of its way to say "no, stop that".

The overall narrative is great, the people all have their foibles…Except then there are the two or three subplots that are kinda skeevy. Kanna/Saikawa (with twister.), Lucoa/Shōta Magatsuchiko.To a lesser extent, Lucoa after her first appearance,


Lucoa is my fave tbh, mainly because she hasn't expressed any hatred for humans. That and she gives an insanely laid-back vibe.

She's also adorable.

Yeah, she…mostly knows how to fit in. But she's trying very hard to be in a different genre of anime.


Eh. I still find her to be the best. At least she doesn't hate people, and especially over some of the most petty shit. Seriously, hating a guy for hating Kobayashi? The fuck is that for?

hating a guy for hating Kobayashi? The fuck is that for?

Who's that again?


Kobayashi? Uh... Kind of one of the main characters.

I mean, who's the person who was hating the guy for hating Kobayashi.
And who was the guy.
Kobayashi's not the one in question here:derpytongue2:

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