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Review #54 - Too Villainy · 12:03am Feb 14th, 2017

Well, I enjoyed that break. Now, now I have to get back to reviewing stuff.

But before I begin, I feel as though I should inform you that there is actually a limit to how many things you can add to a group in one day... that being said, I am going to promote Mr Allan's Collection, and my own inspired by it MLPmatthewl419's Collection.

Too Villainy by Jay-The-Brony
(Comedy, Random)
Twilight has something she needs to say to Starlight regarding her recent actions. Something the unicorn mare never really considered before.

Twilight has a talk with Starlight how mind control is something only villains do, and magic is not the answer to every issue. Spike comes and provides comedy by reminding Twilight of the episode "Lesson Zero."

This is a silly story, made entirely for comedy and not much else. Twilight seems lighthearted and bouncy considering the nature of what she is talking about, Starlight is quick to jump to conclusion and a bit, the closest word I can think of, sassy by asking all these seemingly random questions about what might be wrong to do, and Spike is only there to bring up Twilight's failures. Sure all this is necessary for the comedy to be funny, but it also takes away from the morals. Yes, the morals are still there, and easily recognized because Twilight says them outright, but they are overshadowed by said comedic portions.

The greatest weakness of this one is that it has no point. It is there if you need a laugh, but that is all it's good for. It doesn't have a moral that you will remember the next day, you might even forget that you read it by the next day. But if you just need a laugh right now, this is what you want.

Recommendation: Recommended only if you want to read a lighthearted fic.

Personal Thoughts: How was that horizon?

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