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So... · 6:50pm Feb 13th, 2017

It's finally come down to this.

I've got little money left in my account and I can't find the motivation I once thought I had to bring more words to the page. In an attempt to try and alleviate both fears, I've decided to do what most others are doing now and will open up a donations page so I can make it through college.

If you have extra cash or spare change you'd like to donate to help me stave off this terrible curse, please check out my page on Artistwelfare.com/somefuckingidiot.

I'll be updating my stories more often now, with a new chapter up every week from now on (and maybe more if this goes alright).

Thank you all for your support, and don't feel bad if you can't. I'll get by. This isn't like, "oh I lost everything and this is all I have," no, it's just something to help motivate me and maybe pay for some art for stories and the such.

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I'll try to help out when I can!

Do you mind If I post this in other groups?

If you think it'll help.

Is it difficult to find work near your university?

(Sorry I'm asking that)

Yeah. I take the bus to the area near the school and spend a half hour walking to school. Hours change between each day so I can't make a consistent schedule. I can't get a job near my house because I don't have a driver's license and even the closest place to work is across the never-ending traffic that is 290 and it doesn't sport a single walkway for people.

4420668 shoot. Sorry to hear that.

What about your parents? Can't they help?

Said they won't give me a job and won't drive me anywhere. I need to learn to look out for myself. I love them and appreciate the message they're trying to give me, but for fuck's sake I'd appreciate at least a life vest before being pushed out the boat into shark-infested water with a necklace of steaks wrapped around my crotch.

4420687 I hear you. My dad is trying to do the same towards me. I still live with him but he is urging me to get a job. I'm already distracted with trying to get my license and community college.

We've lost some family to car accidents recently, though, so not only am I really hesitant about getting a license due to those, but I've got Tourette Syndrome, so I have a fear of just stomping the brakes/accelerator or throwing the wheel to either side and flipping the car over, since it gets worse when I'm nervous. I can barely breathe when I just think about it.

4420711 I too have a fear of driving due to my ADD (attention deficiency). I feel like if I don't pay attention to just one thing, I might get into a crash.

I wish I could donate man, I really do. Unfortunately I'm also facing student expenses and have to look after myself first. However, you'll have my continued moral support and warm wishes, for what they're worth.

Thanks, I understand. I've got this up for student expenses as well. It's not dire, though, it's just something to help make sure the ship doesn't spring a leak or anything of the such.

4421043 Glad to hear it's not at crisis level. I've never been there myself (even with the cost of textbooks) but I imagine it's not a fun place to be.

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