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Can't believe that I actually registered here.

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  • 472 weeks
    the batman is watching me

    Well damn, that 'watch' icon can not get any creepier, now can it?

    Anyways, 2nd chapter is finally out,
    I'm moving on to proper chapter 2.1, which will include the 'cut' material such as mentioned party (basically it was a collection of food receipts)
    and perhaps another 'Pony side point of view' on some 'unknown event at unknown place'

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  • 478 weeks
    Chapter 2 soon. I mean it man!

    Here's realistic portrait of Nika. Yes she is asian, like Drakon.

    Do you like it?

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  • 488 weeks
    Sickness is over

    And so is my writer block it seems.
    I worked on my next chapter for a couple days straight.
    Looking good. Gotta do illustrations and iron out the text.


    I had a flu +tonsillitis and while flu was treated doctors didn't notice my tonsillitis so for 4-5 days I was treated from wrong illness.

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  • 493 weeks
    Work's working

    Some of you(who still checking on me that is) may wonder: "What the fuck, Maniac? You promised us a new chapter God knows when!"
    And unfortunately I'm a douche it seems, I was lazy + lots of work + studies and upcoming exams.
    But even though I didn't wrote much those days some progress was made. Hopefully new update will be made closer to new year.

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  • 498 weeks
    Drakon's realistic portrait

    This is to be used in the coming chapter.

    And yes, he does have creepy red eyes.(aka Red Eyes, Take Warning) I hope this effect was achieved in this pic.
    Next update will feature portrait of Nika and her golden eyes. (And maybe new and final version of Titlecard)

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Please don't say I'm crazy, datte hontou wa LAZY · 5:07am Sep 27th, 2012

I'm working on it mmmkay?

But unfortunately I'm lazy as hell so only updates today is this

This pic is related to Jake's backstory
And sketch below is to Wulfin's (her wedding and etc)

I'm planning to do chapters explaining backstories for main charaters, one for each
And maybe another one about Wolf pack itself

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