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Writer and hopeful novelst who seeks to share in creativity and things she's learned.

  • TAdventures in Kingmaker
    Dawn was a daughter of two barponies, until a relic was placed in her home and burned it and her family to the ground. She was given a second chance to live, in another world, full of more danger than Equestria. Will she survive?
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  • 5 weeks
    My muse has returned

    Finally, after 7 months since I had last touched my work, I have returned to it, reviewing and editing what I have in preparation for continuing and hopefully finishing the story (even though I have a good 45 chapters to go more likely than not).

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  • 23 weeks
    Come back muse, come back!

    Hello everyone

    Mostly here to say I'm still around. It's a frustrating feeling knowing that my inner muse will not come back and help me work. I have the timelines figured for each of my existing works as well as the new dawn reboot (I am far too prone to them, I know), yet when it comes to writing on the chapter, my mind goes blank and then it just doesn't happen...

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  • 47 weeks
    Stress, so much stress

    I'll spare everyone the longer drama, but a lot of things had been stressing me out lately, mostly car stuff (and a bit of in law stuff), and all of that should be behind. I may need to tighten my belt some, but considering I've been needing to lose a little weight anyway, it won't hurt.

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  • 50 weeks
    Great news

    Ok, so, this will be exciting for my regular readers!

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  • 64 weeks
    Haitus kinda over!

    So, more 2020 status update time!

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Status update, kingmaker stuff · 12:27am Feb 12th, 2017

So, Definitely still alive, and just going to reiterate that I'm still lacking the motivation to write for MoW for the moment.
I've turned my attention to the D&D that I've been playing, two sessions as a player a week, one as a DM. The intent for putting out the current 'story' is just to share the rather extensive roleplay that a player and I had put together because we felt we didn't have enough closure about events and wanted to expand the world. I don't expect it to be treated as a work of art or much more than reasonably readable, but I figured that there might be some who would enjoy the experience, whether or not they know the campaign.

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