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Long Time, No Update · 1:37pm Feb 11th, 2017

Not even sure where to start with this one. But here it goes.

Indeed, it has been about four months since I last made any sort of blog post. And even a bit longer since I last updated any of my stories. The last months have been very tiring, both physically and mentally, and anyone here who has kept up with me long enough knows that I have a long history of struggling with mental issues and the like.

But recently, some of the anxiety and even paranoia that I have felt has been lifted. It's not a huge change, and there are still things that need to be done to get me to a place where I feel comfortable on all fronts, but it is a start.

As such, I have once again turned an eye to my long-stagnant writing. Since the aforementioned blog, I have not written anything pony-related, and I feel that I should do something to change that. The only question then is how I should go about it.

Currently, I have the first scene of the next chapter of "Propositions" written. There is still much more to write before that chapter is in a publishable state, but as that story always received praise (and right now I need all the words of praise I can get), that should probably be my first priority. On top of that, I have the first two chapters (and over half of a third) written for a new story. Some of you may recall many months ago when I mentioned writing my take on the founding of Equestria. That is the story to which I allude. And with the recent addition of the "Lore" character tags, it almost seems as if some cosmic force is telling me to begin publishing that story.

Obviously, there are also many other stories that have the "Incomplete" label in my literature list. Will have to take a look at each of those cases individually to see which are tenable, which I have ideas for, and which I do not. Any suggestions to this point would be appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for being patient with me as I struggle through my life. And also a big thank you to all of you who have followed me in the past months, and for whom this blog may be the first time I appear in your feed. Often, I question why people continue to follow me, or favorite my stories, when I have not published anything in such a long time. I suppose the answer is that I must have done something right to earn that follow and/or that favorite, so there is no reason to conclude that I could not achieve that again.


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Comments ( 6 )

It's good to hear that things have gotten better for you, man.

Hope things continue to get better for you. :twilightsmile:


A pleasure to see your return! :yay:
I wish nothing but the best for you and your future literary works. :twilightsmile:

*gives you flutter hugs* Its okay, We understand. I was wondering if there was an update on the stories you write so I came to take a look. I really enjoy reading, so I hope to see more from you when you get to them. :pinkiehappy:

Surprised to see a post here. Probably should write another update blog, given that it has been over a year since this one. Hard to find the right words to express what's been going on. Nothing bad, just disappointing.

I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope that you come back and write though, I'd love to see an update do the Propositions story. But I understand how life can get difficult that is for sure.

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