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IDK what i'm doing i cant write and i cant even rp right so how the hell do i convey a story?

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  • 10 weeks
    Amateur authors update

    so after revisiting some of my older stories and scraps I think I'm about ready to try again with the first story I tried and failed to write.

    After getting inspired by some new stories I decided to revive one of my older stories and recycle it. The story in question took inspiration from several stories...

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  • 25 weeks
    Does anyone else care...

    so i still haven't gotten ward if the cmc will make the next gen. i hope they dont butcher the show like i dont get the point of a repeat keeping the same names but changing everything else gosh only knows what happened to star wars!:pinkiecrazy:

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    so i'm pist!

    its been over a month now and no they haven't resolved the issue with my credit card i've been strong but no here my situation.

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  • 31 weeks
    because i refuse to let go of the best character and the cutest i intend to write a story about her

    and because i dont know what to write i need suggestions
    sweetie belle is the main character... i was thinking snuggles but couldn't come up with a reason so i'm asking for ideas i'm no the best writer so don't expect gold...
    i love fluff chest fluff especially....

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  • 34 weeks
    no not her!

    so can anybody tell me if sweetie belle exists in g5 look at her why would you get rid of such a cute thing:unsuresweetie::raritycry:

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why(place representation of pure im going to kill you rage here) the (by some Apple's) hell im glad that this site has a rating sestem and why im writing this blog and fu**ing particularly the later!!!! · 3:30am Feb 11th, 2017

What the cardinal f***ing light the world on fire and watch it burn as you sit at you throne nuking innocence's across the multiverse would some one write this shit and its not even a shit fic it a clop fic from hell i'm not even a clop writer and I know this is max out and the most innocent and loved of all mlp characters I sware if I find one more fic that goes past my line the cmc innocence's line that doesn't give triggers or is anything/way,shape,stile or form similar to this story by sharkinfestedwaters or any (!!!!ONE ENTITY!!!) About any cmc characters your officially on my black list and blocked as I find you and insalt you and rggghrgggh(as I realize there's little ta blue blazing fuck I can do!) ta hell with y'all KNIGHTLY some one desecrated my favorite character!!! I'M TELLING HASBRO!!!!!????:twilightangry2:but what the blue blazing backing nukuler (by some Apple's) fuck can be done other then this beside hunting an killing his oc with laser shark viruses and or him in particular!!!!

Report Matthewthawes · 186 views · #buck off
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