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    A Neutral Socio-Economic Theory

    So, after my recent anti-anti-corporate post, I've done some thinking.
    I've been working at a supermarket for just over half-a-year now and I've been working through lockdown. And I've been on this site recently and seen this anti-corporate craze and am not impressed by it.
    But I have a theory.

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    Okay. I'm really starting to hate this whole 'Anti-Corporate' sentiment of today. I'm not pro-corporate, I'm fairly neutral on that ground. But I think it's incredibly self-defeating. Almost every anti-corporate comment I've found on various media sites point towards only one thing- Rage.
    It's rage against a system that doesn't exist.

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  • 7 weeks

    Now that I've got your attention. :trollestia:
    Lost Reflections has had a chapter update.
    I hope you enjoy it and thanks if you've already read it and done so.
    Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank you.

    And in case anyone would like clarification...No, it is not in fact raining potted shrimp in Surrey or anywhere else...to my knowledge anyway.

    3 comments · 26 views

Do You Know What Nemesis Means? · 11:18am Feb 10th, 2017

Hi everyone.
Do you remember that nightmare sequence Fancy Pants had in Chapter 9 of Lost Reflections?
Did you ever want to see that illustrated?
Well, I did it anyway. :fluttershbad:

Let me know what you think. Definitely my darkest work yet, and I'm not just talking about the wonky shading.
As always, if you'd like a different scene or character from my works depicted, just let me know.
Thank you.

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Comments ( 15 )

Words cannot explain how scary and dark that is. Did you had a nightmare or how did you come up with such dark things? Looks like pyscho mantis came back from hell.

4416526 I just thought, what does Fancy fear most?
The enemies he's made coming after those he loves while he's powerless to stop them.
He and the Doctor aren't that far apart.

4416528 isn't that a fear we all have?

To answer the question asked in the title, it means 'to give what is due', in short 'justice'.

4416532 well, I told you before about that nightmare i had with the cmc getting forced to be children soldiers. While we could save them, the Bad guns tried everything to get their hands on them. They went even so far that they blew up a Mountain, buring themselves and us with them and even dropped an ENTIRE building on us to recapture them. But i will never forget what happened after all that...

4416535 It's meant to be a Snatch reference.
'Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent...Personified in this case by an 'orrible c**t...Me'
Gas-Mask guy says it when he has Fancy tortured in 'Intriguing'.

4416536 I'm just a bit puzzled why they wanted them back so much in the first place.
I know they're cute but blowing up a city's pushing it.
Just get a kitten or something!

4416538 they have another plan for the children. What terrified me to the bone was that dinky got hit by an Explosion, her right hind leg was blown off.

4416542 i know but her screams, a mix of pain shock and crying, horrible...

4416542 almost drove me crazy. Good that is was just a dream. Writing helps me get over those things

4416542 and just to let you know, forren worst fear is that his family get's hurt or killed

4416548 Indeed.
Adult Fear.
Something I'm planning on having the Doctor say.
'When you're grown-up like me, you're not afraid of the monsters coming to get you...oh no...you're afraid of the monsters coming to get the ones you love!'

4416550 good Quote, good idea

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