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Just a pegasister who's a huge fangirl on the inside. She follows back and would love to be your friend! (Avatar found at http://swa-oku.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Fan-Art-Samovar-Teatime-360787743)

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    I don't know how many of you are reading this, but it's been a while. I probably won't be back on here much, as I've got other things do to and I've lost my interest in MLP a long time ago. Looking back at my posts, I don't know how you all stuck with me. But it feels nice to see everyone again, even though I can't remember some of you that well.

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    Is it me

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The reason why I don't go online when my parents are around · 1:20am Feb 9th, 2017

Me: *Scrolls through feed*

My mom: *Sees pictures of people's faces* Who dat?

Me: Nobody... *Thinks: she's onto me!*

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Same here, and the worst part is not being able to check it on your Ipod because it takes you back to the main page every time.:raritydespair:

Every time my mom walks in on me watching YouTube videos, though not very often at all anymore, if the YouTuber shows their face, she thinks I'm Skyping with a stranger (Omegle is what that would be); if the only visuals consist of gameplay, she thinks I'm playing the game.

4415809 My mom's kind of the same. She's getting more suspicious of me, so I gotta lay low for now.

4414851 Annoying, isn't it? I hate it how my mom thinks I'm always on social media all the time, because she thinks that's what teenagers do. I feel like she's trying to get involved in my personal life. I am pretty secretive after all, even with my family.


I gotta law low for now

*lay low

4415842 Oh, thanks for pointing that out to me. Stupid spell check keeps changing things.

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