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"Aunt Millie" delay: The Explanation I owe Everyone · 1:17pm Feb 7th, 2017

So, here I am, with a huge delay for "Aunt Millie", an unannounced even, despite me promising I would never do that again..... At least, I should give everyone who waited for the fic to update in the last three weeks an explanation of what happened:

There's a mess that started on January 18th, one that threw me off so much that I could not find the energy to write..... I have waited with this blog entry a long time to think about how to explain what happened, without giving away too much, because it's something that is covered by my NDA as LoE quest writer.
In short, it was an incident that happened in the LoE development team, one that I was directly affected by. Involving a character I wrote for the game who went through the usual stages of editing and preparing that new NPCs go through before becoming part of the game.
At one point, it became ugly, when a member of another department, who is a part of the process mentioned above, had a gripe with the NPC I'm talking about and wanted something about her to get changed. Long story short, a conflict was rising from that, because I couldn't agree to that change being made, since it's a vital part of that character.
You have to know that all OC ponies I create are very dear to me, almost like they are my children, and this one especially was, so, there was a little internal fight about this. This was right when I should have started writing a new chapter of "Aunt Millie". The fight, though, robbed me off my strength to do that, so I could not deliver this chapter. At this point, I thought it would be a one time thing, so I decided to not write a blog entry yet.
Monday came and I felt better, which is why I was able to write and publish Chapter 19 of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!".
And on this Monday, a meeting got arranged to discuss the conflict of interest about the character I wrote and to find a solution together, a meeting which should happen on Friday, January 27th.
The meeting did happen, yet the outcome was terrible. We could not find a compromise everyone can live with and I even found myself confronted with more restrictions. So, in short, the negotiations failed, after which I deleted the character I have written to avoid further conflict about the matter.
Which was a move with good intentions, yet met with harsh punishment, because it was technically against the Code of Conduct to simply delete a character that was basically already completed. I almost got fired from the team for this, yet could prevent this from happen in the last moment. Only under strict terms, but I managed.
Sufficed to say, the emotions went high in this conflict and I felt completely drained after it. Resulting in another week without a new chapter for "Aunt Millie". I had a strong need to recover after this incident and could barely touch my keyboard, even writing in a chat felt exhausting to me. Add to this that didn't know how to write this blog entry and explain everything without giving away too much and breaking my NDA and that's why I'm only explaining the situation now.
It took me about one and a half week to get into a sort of stable condition again and it's only today I feel like I can write a little again, which is why Flurry Heart didn't get an update either last week.

So, that's what happened and why "Aunt Millie" didn't update so long. I really wanted to let you all know about the situation, and I did not forget about telling you, yet I simply had no energy to write any longer texts.
Don't worry about it too much, though. This won't result in a longer hiatus for "Aunt Millie" like with those 4+ months last year. Unless more drama occurs that robs me off of strength, but it should be good now and if it does anyway, I will force myself to let you know about it.
I still feel a bit weak from all that happened, especially after going over the events here now, but I want to resume writing on "Aunt Millie" and also on "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" this week and have a new chapter of "Aunt Millie" out on Sunday at the latest.
And, again, if anything should get in the way of this, I will let you know immediately this time.
I feel sorry for the long delay with Chapter 10, but know that "Aunt Millie" is not dead and will continue soon!

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Aw, sorry to hear about those troubles. Don't worry about the delay though, I'm sure us Fimfiction readers are nothing if not patient :scootangel: Looking forward to new Dinky Wars Aunt Millie when it comes out!

Take your time and have a good Rest :twilightsmile: You earned it

Take however much time you need to. A good chapter takes time and the right mood to make, so the longer we wait the better the chapter, or that's how I see things. We also can't have you be exhausted because of writing now can we? ;D


Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I'll do my best to make the next chapter really good. :twilightsmile:

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