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I think I'm going to use Fimfiction more · 10:04pm Feb 6th, 2017

Hello everyone, Rainb0w Dashie here!

Well it's been almost 5 years, I think it's finally safe for me to be a part of this community again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, which I know you don't, so let me tell you!

It sure doesn't feel like it, but 5 years ago I started to really get involved with this community, it was rather short-lived however because right about the time I started posting my own fics I noticed a worrying trend on a lot of stories were being brigaded by a group called Trainwreck Explorers, or TWE for short.

Now I'm sure this subject was blogged about to death, Knighty even deleted the group back in December of 2012, but while it was up and active, it was enough to drive me away from the website.

I wasn't ever a target of the group per se - I was too afraid to update any of my stories because I didn't want to be one of their targets- but I was however doxxed when I had the audacity to speak out against the group by the one user who seemed to be orchestrating most of the activity. (I'm not going to say his name because I found out a new years later he committed suicide, may he rest in peace)

But things feel different now. TWE is long dead, there doesn't seem to be any negativity going on. I'm finally feeling up to participating in this community again. I just hope I'm not too late

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