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I am the bubbliest, most outgoing, extroverted introvert. I stare at the other person's shoes when I talk to them. If I had my own soundtrack, it would be Pomme de'Amour I by Rene Aubry.

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Music SIG Likes #36 :: Avatar · 2:42am Feb 6th, 2017

Some melodic death/industrial metal from Sweden. These chaps feature quite prominently in our various playlists on the production floor. I personally prefer their more melodic later works; they (IMHO) really seem to have hit their stride in Hail the Apocalypse.

(Assasinmonkey - Yar Har Applejack)
(I cannot believe just how perfect this is! See the cover for Hail the Apocalypse)

Black Waters

Bloody Angel

Death of Sound

The Eagle has Landed
(Significant Other loves to jump into the room singing the chorus : ♪ Ladies and gentlemen, your hero has returned again! Everything is going to be okay-ay-ay-ay!:yay: The official music video reminds me a bit of Flim & Flam)

For The Swarm
(This reminds me a bit of System of a Down)

Hail the Apocalypse

(This and House of Eternal Hunt actually go together as 1 song)

House of Eternal Hunt


Puppet Show

Sky Burial

Something In the Way

Torn Apart

(Johannes Eckerström's voice sounds a bit odd(er) and more distorted here because in the original music video, he is actually singing backwards)

Vultures Fly

What I Don't Know

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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