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Half-Bloodied Scraps and the Future · 7:05pm Feb 5th, 2017

I did not honestly expect this much of a response to Half-Bloodied Scraps. Seriously, like, what? Anyways, here are my thoughts on the matter and the fate of a follow-up.

So, just yesterday I posted Half-Bloodied Scraps mostly because, well, I like sharing my work. It's good to get feedback. Not only did it get an overwhelmingly large amount of praise (seriously, how?), but it also got featured and worked its way up to the second slot. I'm still in denial. And people are clamoring for more.

Oh. Jeez...

Firstly, here are my thoughts on the story and why I wrote it. With any good crossover you have two things to pull from; what I like to call the "main" material (in this case, MLP) and the thing you're crossing it over with (the Percy Jackson universe), and you see how these two things interact with each other. In this case, I felt that EQG is the best avenue for a crossover. Sunset herself being confused for a demigod was an idea I had to jot down somewhere.

After going through the Heroes of Olympus books again, as the first time I did I stopped at the third book for no real reason, I felt inspired to write two "what if" openings of a crossover that isn't "x in Equestria." And so, I did. There's a bunch of ideas and potential avenues the stories could go in for either the Greek or Roman side sprinkled inside of each chapter. Now, as of this moment, those are really just there to spice it up. For a bunch of those threads, I don't have an idea yet for where they could go. And no, yet does not mean that they eventually will... speaking off, this gets us to the next topic.

So, what does this mean for a follow up?

Well... I'm not opposed to writing more. That doesn't mean there will be more, not until I've actually hammered out a real story, but it is a possibility. Now I'm not going to lie and say "stay tuned!" because that would be leading people on. No, I'm not saying that, but what I am saying is that there's a slim chance for a follow up one day, but not anytime soon and not without some re-working.

So, that's all I have to say. As an aside, I'm curious as to which one people would like follow up to Greek or Roman? This won't affect which one gets a follow up if there is one, but I'm wondering which one people are interested in.

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Why not just do follow ups of both chapters, I would LOVE to see how the enemy's would react to seeing Sunset in either her Demona Shimmer or Daydream Shimmer forms and then get's back up in he form of her friends all pony-upping too but Rarity and Twilight could gain horns while of course Rainbow and Fluttershy would gain wings but larger then the kind they had before.

aww.... but i want to see both:pinkiesad2:

There's something very important you need to understand here:

1. Percy Jackson has a huge fanbase.
2. Percy Jackson fanfiction is shit right to the top of the ratings list.

I haven't seen a single good story in the main folder on fanfiction.net, which since I can usually get at least one for a given popular series is really unusual. The only good stuff I've found is in wonky much more obscure crossovers.

This also applies to fimfiction, as the only crossovers here aren't good either. Right up until you made one.

Tl;DR, good Percy Jackson fanfiction has a large demand and a tiny supply, of course making a good story is going to blow up like this.

4410388 Even on fanfiction.net there's nothing good? That's kind of surprising actually.

As for here on the pony side, yeah, nothing I've seen indicated good crossovers. Just... a lot of stuff that reeks of amateur writing and no real direction. Not a fan of crossovers like that, they're usually really bad.

4410404 I just checked again, and, when sorting by number of favorites, the top 20 most popular are bad. Number 21 actually looks decent, but it's still got issues. Problems include:

1. Percy/Artemis shipping. Do I really need to explain this? Artemis is a virgin goddess. She can not and will not ever be romantically involved with someone without ceasing to be Artemis.
2. Annabeth bashing. Annabeth is evil/dead/both. Mostly used to set up the above-mentioned Percy/Artemis ship, which makes it doubly annoying.
3. Poor writing. Frequent spelling errors, rough grammar, clunky sentence and paragraph structure, you name it, they've got it.
4. The universe dumping on Percy. Constantly.
5. Overly blunt use of otherwise interesting premises. For example, one of the stories has Percy being a Norse Demigod. Sounds cool right? You could have this whole mystery centered around why he doesn't quite mesh with Greek mythology. Well, you could, if he didn't just outright state his origins at the drop of a hat.

If you don't believe me you can go look for yourself.

4410417 I... what? Percy and Artemis? Why? How? And that just makes the Annabeth hate even more weird... do people not like her for some reason? Aside from using her as impossible ship-kindling. Yeesh, I didn't know it was that bad.

You forgot the ones with all his friends and family betraying him for his... Half brother? Siding with Titans, etc.

Drome it's something we see is a lot of popular fandoms, the most of the fanfiction is crap and some reason the more ludicious sounding ideas are popular. I see it with Harry Potter as well.

Sturgeon's Law: 90% of fanwork is crap

4410422 That didn't stop the writers of stories numbers 2, 4, and 7 on the list. Then again, taking a second look, number 3 might be ok? It definitely didn't exist the last time I went diving for Percy fics, so my initial impression wasn't off in the slightest. Here's the link, you can judge it for yourself.


4410432 The weird part is that the popular stories are bad. ATLA has Embers, which is amazing, and a couple of others, Teen Titans has this one guy whose stories have exclusive claim to the entire first page with good reason, and Danny Phantom of all things has a disproportionate number of excellent exposure stories across a variety of tones and genres. To me it just looks like Percy doesn't have a single good writer among its fanbase.

Also, that's what I meant by the universe dumping on Percy.

4410432 At least with Fimfic stuff like ratings, comments, and just general site features help weed out the crap and force authors to at least try a little bit. Fanfiction.net has nothing helping anybody besides a basic tag system... even "top rated" stuff is a crapshoot.

Nicely done. Makes me excited to see some more of them... Though, it also makes me curious to see what happens when either one of two things happens.

A.) Sunset meets Apollo
B.) They find out about Annabeth's cousin... and the norse gods that came with it.

4410447 I've not read any of Riordans other stuff actually. Only the Percy Jackson/Greek stuff. In fact I only just got up to House of Hades.

I have to agree with you: if you don't know what to write, don't write.
If you do find the inspiration for a follow-up (or two), write though, you are good. By fan fiction standards that is. But I don't think you were aiming for literacy nobel with those, rigth? :rainbowhuh:

I do not wan't to make a choice on the roman or greek question. I'd say let your muse choose for you. If you've got idea for something on the Roman side, go for it, if it's the greek side that inspire you, go for it.

All in all, as I said in comment on your stories, don't feel an obligation to go big. You can keep it short and simple and bring us to a conclusion. Heck! with some small re-modeling, the greek chapter could be a one-shot. Rigth now you are closing it like a first chapter, but you could conclude it with many question still unanswered if Sunset just choose to go back with her friends rather then to follow Percy and Annabeth. It could still lead to more, but you could reach a state of closure for Sunset's short adventure at the museum.

How about sunny trying to get answers from Celestia but soon found out Celestia was kidnapped and its up to her and her friends to save the day.

I would really like the first chapter as the begginning (if it continues) sunset will have more conflict as she can't use the power of friendship without endangering her friends, but then again there are the powers they gained in EQG-4 which can be used. ( if you wan't them to have it.)

I would like to see mythos creature trying to understand the creature known as "Pinkie pie"

4410485 Well there is well written story with long update schedules ( Sundowner ) Its about sunset being a sorceress or mage in the human world. I think the author just writes if he is inspired.

Comment posted by Dream Dusk deleted Feb 6th, 2017

4410460 Dude. You need to... The Magnus Chase books actually ties into the Percy Jackson books

4410925 That;s the Norse ones, right? That's the only other series of his that caught my eye.

4410931 Yeah. It's mentioned in the books that Annabeth and Magnus are cousins. But there's one line in the second book that got me excited for the next one... I'm not sure if I want to say it because of spoiler reasons, but I can PM you if you still want to know

4410948 Nah, I'll probably pick them up eventually.

I'll be honest, I'd love to see more of this as a series, and the Greek side just... flowed better to me. The Roman side of the story felt alright, but Greek felt genuinely rich in my opinion.

I was always a fan of the Greek names of the Olympians so that would be the route I would like but the roman ones are fine too if you do decide to create a follow-up.

Personally I liked the Roman one more. It left you wondering with the "what will happen" feeling a bit more.

Eh, it's largely a matter of opinion; I felt the 'but what now?' pull more from the Greek (where it feels more like I'll actually get answers). The Roman side felt too much like it's going to be a fairly typical 'main character passes out and wakes up in important places' type setup, which I've seen written to death.

well, that trope doesn't have any flaws, necessarily. It gets the character where the author wants them to go without awkward traveling and room-taking travelling scenes.

Sure... but I like the travelling scenes, personally. Again, this is almost entirely a case of opinion. Both intros were well-written, I just have a preference for the Greek one more, and you have a preference for the Roman one.

Funny how you never followed up on this...
I still check every week.


Lol still unwritten

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