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So... about the thing... · 4:56am Feb 3rd, 2017

I've been putzing around for some time now - quite a few days, even - trying to think of a good thing to blog about. I know I should do something to at least let everyone know I'm alive, but the question has always been what exactly do I say? I'm normally a rather private person, and life is just kinda' normal.

In addition to saying how the chapter is coming I could talk about how I need to finish a giant packet of boring to have a chance at promotion.
...or how the weather is so very meh here, despite it supposedly supposed to be a rather cold winter.
...or how Christmas is going to be later in February because my family couldn't finagle enough together time late in December.
...or how... EGAD! Has it really been that long since I said anything to you all?

Good Lord, I'm a terrible socializer.

I wish I had more to say about the chapter other than it's coming. There are pretty much two scenes to it, and I'm working through the second right now. I keep getting distracted for various reasons, like my roommates are feeling like we all haven't been as social as we used to be, and my phone's battery is likely finally kicking it's last (which reminds me of things I still need to do...).

(And I gave myself the hiccups while writing this... brb.)

The chapter's edging into its fifth segment at the moment, so that should place it near 15,000 words at the moment. I just need to get Alex to meet one pony. Is that too much to ask, muse o' mine?!

So - back to blog reasons - then there was last night. I was hanging in the Quill and Blade Discord chat. There was some questions about OTPs and NopeTPs, unresistable urges, what pho isn't like, and figuring out that my username isn't phonetically that different from "casbah." Believe you me, I'm still not certain what was supposed to be going on. Coercion was done, and one industrious, exhausted user turned out with this:

Rock the Shachza

Apparently someone is also supposed to sing it. It might be me. We dunno' yet.

But I can't stop laughing.

And... thank you all for sticking with me.

Report Shachza · 567 views · Story: To Love a Pony · #tags #hashtag
Comments ( 14 )

The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Have to say, that of all the stories on FiMfic—To Love a Pony is probably the one I'm the most psyched to see updated.

So, no pressure or anything.

Two scenes -- 15,000 words. If I am trying really hard to extend things I might reach 3,000 words for two scenes. This is neither good nor bad, but On the scale of terse ebay emails to short skirts and explosions, that puts you much closer to his camp than I am.

I'll stick with you until To love a pony is completed, whether you want it or not!

It's pretty much the last story I'm constantly tracking on this website...

Well, TLaP is certainly one of those stories which have a long wait between chapters. But unlike a lot of other stories, this one, at least in my opinion, has the wait justified.
Every chapter released was great - it was long, it was a great read, and it left me wanting more.
No pressure on you though. Just keep doing what you're doing and, unless something drastically changes with your writing (or with where you're heading with this story), I don't think my opinion will change no matter how much more I'll have to wait.

Also, lel at that thing that exists now. Someone should absolutely sing that. Not me though, I don't want to risk property and health damage :rainbowlaugh:

You can always blame Trump, you know. Everyone else seems to be doing that with everything.

*snickers* Songs are the best way of showing affection at times.


(And I gave myself the hiccups while writing this... brb.)


I just need to get Alex to meet one pony. Is that too much to ask, muse o' mine?!


No worries, we'll wait, that's what watching is for after all. :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, I feel about that when I think of how much work I haven't finished on this... :fluttershysad: More floggings! Improve morale!


I'm always amazed that I have fans such as you, rumble. People talk about continuing long works (stories) becoming more like obligations. I know what they mean, but it's an obligation that I'm more than happy to accept, because making everyone else happy makes me so happy.


Ponies are clearly un-American.

No, really. They aren't Americans.


I, uh... may have attempted to directly inject myself with iced tea through my lungs. Accidentally, of course. I don't recommend it.


Now I want to edit my first chapters again. Thanks...


4409936 Ah yes, the american beverage of choice.


Huh. I thought the American beverage of choice was Red Bull.

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