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This is an alt account for posting smut but all I will say is that I am a carbon based intelligent organism of earthly origin, made mostly of water.

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    Exciting news

    I have a new story almost ready to post. This will be a sequal to A Tentacular Discovery and focus on Twilight's struggle to fight against the tentacles' conditioning and save Equestria. Spoilers: she fails.

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    A question about kinks

    Hey everyone, I am glad you are all enjoying my two new releases. I have started on the first chapter of a spin off story to A Tentacular Discovery. I wanted to get a read on what people thought about something though. Watersports... Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. My question though is what do you think of it in porn, are you okay with it, maybe sometimes? More importantly, why? I'll give my own

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    Two blogs, one day.

    I just wanted to throw this out there because I am a dumb dumb and maybe others won't take so long to realize this if I say it. I started working on my next story and I made an outline for it. Instead f a week, I have finished chapter one in a few hours. Outlining is amazing and I recommend it to all writers. Don't be me and let your spur of the moment OC's derail a story, use an outline. Also,

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    You Can Help!

    Alright everyone, I have figured out what I am going to do. In the interest of making Twilight's Plant Experimentation the best it can be, I will be linking the GDocs version of chapters 1-4 so anyone who wants to can go and suggest edits. Additionally (drum roll please) I will be linking Chapter 5 on GDocs so you can suggest edits as well. Now, I am taking a bit of a leap of faith here. I ask

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    Almost There

    Alrighty then. I just finished writing chapter 5. I still need to edit it as well as probably beef up the level of detail. It's going to be a short one, but the main body of it is all tentacle sex, so there is that to look forward to. I am a little iffy right now on the quality and after I do an edit run I may enlist some help with pre-reading it. I will probably do the editing tonight

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The Schedule · 4:09am Feb 1st, 2017

Alright everyone, I have bad news and I have good news and I have additional good news.

First the bad news: the next chapter will be the last official chapter of the story. I am sick and tired of the dynamic between Twilight and Rain Whistle that I have created and following it will be a train wreck very soon. I mean, how much characterization did I give Rain Whistle, two sentences actually (I counted). So anyways, the next chapter will have a lot of sex in it and will wrap up the story nicely. I have two mini episodes that I want to write at some point but I need to get away from this story for a bit once I finish the next chapter. Also, I may or may not do some editing to smooth out the story after I finish, that is up to my discretion as well. If I do decide to clean it up, I may ask for volunteers to help pinpoint weak spots as well as hidden grammatical and spelling errors (Don't volunteer now, I won't remember when it actually becomes important).

Good News: I have the first bit of another tentacle story written and though I don't want to continue it, the first chapter works well as a stand alone. So after chapter five is completed, I will clean that up and post it as well. It is a little darker, especially without any subsequent chapters to follow it up.

More Good News: I have a plan for a new story. I don't want to say to much, but it will involve Sunset Shimmer (younger pony version), Nightmares, brain washing/training, an Old God like being, a cult, submission, and tons of sex with tentacles and slimes and other stuff. SO Look forward to that. Oh, and this will involve some psychological horror themes but not rally horror horror (IDK how to say it, its not gruesome or gory or anything like that). This will be darker by an order of magnitude to anything I have written previously

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Comments ( 3 )

Technically unique octothorpe tag, but it brings up other posts so only a half win I guess.

Yeah, introducing a single OC for romantic purposes usually turns out weirdly in literally every genre. Unless it's one of those really long adventure stories, I guess? But then there's tons of other worldbuilding, too.

Yeah, lesson learned on that one. It was really shocking to look back on what I had wrote and realize I didn't like a character I had written because I didn't give myself or anybody an real reason to.

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