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Random Ramblings CXXVIII · 12:14am Feb 1st, 2017

I haven't actually posted on Derpibooru much over the past year because my ancient laptop no longer displays the comments for some reason and I was driven off the forums for not hating IDW enough, but I still browse there pretty much every day. What can I say? I need my daily dose of disturbingly-hot art (mostly EQG due to Sunny and Dazzlings), cuteness, and funny comics.

Why do I mention this? Because when I was browsing a couple days ago, I came upon this bit of goodness (not porn but NSFW)… and immediately decided I needed to base a story around it. Like most of my stories, Sunset Shimmer puts in an appearance. This leads me to a question…

How does a writer describe a ship-tease story? There's romantic undertones but no Romance, sexual tension but no Sex. Feelings may not be acted upon but that's not exactly Sad or Tragic. And would my two readers get mad at me for allegedly yanking their chain and not going all the way? (I made it very clear over a year ago: I don't write clop).

Also, my Anon-A-Miss story is still coming along, but it's going to take some time. I've got a pretty good idea how to fix its pacing issues; the issue is doing it. I'm probably going to wait until my two one-shots are done. I've had that fic planned out for over a year and I feel awful having to keep pushing it back. Oh well, please look forward to the little things I will put out soon-ish.

Peace out.

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Comments ( 4 )

Well, I don't read or write clop either, so you're good in my book. :raritywink: Heck, I'm pretty sure based on those DB tags that I should pass on the inspiration itself. But I don't see anything necessarily wrong with setting up unfulfilled tension in a story. Just as not every story has to be happy, not every story focusing on relationshippy feelings has to end in full romantic payoff. It's all a question of what kind of story you're trying to tell.

Um. Speaking of which, and at risk of being 100% self-serving, I was maybe thinking of asking if you'd be up for pre-reading a new thing I've drafted. :twilightsheepish: It's similar in terms of dangling a ship out there without taking it to its full conclusion, though it sounds lighter in tone than what you might be working on. Got some details here.

4404911 - Commented on your forum post. You hooked me with that description. I've never done prereading or editing before, but I assume you'll PM me what I'd need to see/know. I'll try my best.

I wish I could write something that fun-sounding. The Rarishimmer story I thought up is just a simple thing, lighthearted by my standards. Wistful at worst. It will carry a "T" rating and describes a sexy (PG-13) photoshoot in detail (and ladies' curves), so I understand if you decide to avoid it.

Nothing wrong with doing a ship-tease story. If you're worried about tagging it, just mention it in the description. If you tag it majorly wrong the mods tend to mention it when they deal with it in the queue. I've done two stories where I had the characters either fully or partially nude. One had to be tagged Sex and the other not-so. So it is a bit situational as the latter one was specifically non-sexual nudity (anthro mares running around topless chasing a hungry foal that was 'attacking' them) and the former had one character getting flustered over her friend's nudity.

For the teasing itself, how the story flows is how it is. There are plenty of people who don't write clop, and even if the story flows in the direction of them getting physical, that can still be done without going going into clop.

Feh, feel like I should say something more between those last two sentences (actually wrote that second one first).

If the story is a Rarity/Sunset ship, generally Sunsarity is used rather than Rarishimmer. Unless your using that more as a character description instead of the ship.

4405026 Awesome, thanks! I'll PM you. :pinkiehappy:

And hey, who knows, wistful and teasing could well make for an interesting story. :duck:

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