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Humanity has spent thousands of years perfecting the indoors, so why would we want to go outside?

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Should I write more? or A Serious Blog For Once... Seriously · 3:03am Jan 31st, 2017

Title says it all. None of you followed me to watch me blabber on and on about political issues and provide ranty social commentary. There have been a few fics of mine that got some of your attentions, and on this one night I feel as if I've wasted the attention I've gathered from you all. But to be honest I've lost all motivation in the past 6 months. My life is on a gentle downhill slope but for some reason I don't seem to care. I want to care, I want to be productive and make something others enjoy but I just can't do it and I don't know why. I thought maybe trying to get back into writing might aggitate one of the few fucks I have left to give. Not just for you guys, but for myself.

So... Should I write some more?

If you want to, I can't make any promises. I'll try. I will. But I feel like I might be forcing myself to do it at times and that could make my whole situation even worse. But I'm willing to try for you guys.

(Music below is what I like to listen to when thinking about things)

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Fudge man... I'd love you to keep writing, but if you feel like you can't then far be it for me to make you feel obligated. Do what you want.

Cheers for the input.

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