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I can't draw because I am not a drawist, I am an artist therefore I art.

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Ptetty picture :3 · 5:09pm Jan 30th, 2017

Constructive criticism please

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Comments ( 11 )

The mouth is oddly placed. It looks like it's far above the jaw; almost where the nose would be on a normal person's face.

What's up with his neck? It's extremely long; unless that's intentional I'm gonna go ahead and say that he looks like a miniature giraffe.


4402573 the neck is intentionally long, and thr mouth... You try drawing mamga faces lol


Still, it should be lower set, as should the nose. I can't draw in the slightest; everything I draw looks like a tumorous whale.


4402579 XD if I put the nose were the mouth is and put the mouth lower doen that'd look so fucking wierd lol


Well, the mouth should be bigger. Same with the nose.


4402587 lol my sister told me it was the eyes that were the problem ... Yea the mouth is a little off.


The eyes look passable. I'm with you on the mouth.

Thanks to TVTropes, I've seen... Worse. Much, much worse...


4402592 do I want to know?


4402592... Holy shit

Bigger mouth and get rid of those weird little bubble things at the corner of his mouth. And you should be good!

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