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  • 15 weeks
    Family lives!

    The next chapter of family is finally here. Sorry it took so long but I was doing other projects and lost my motivation a little. Hopefully this one was worth the wait. Fair warning, its a little dark near the end. As always constructive criticism is welcome.

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  • 26 weeks
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Hope you all had a good holiday and had lots of fun! Just wanted to post an update on my progress as well as wish you all well and to thank you all for reading my stories, I know I'm not the most reliable with updates and chapters but I still appreciate everyone for sticking with me and offering feedback as I go.

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    0 comments · 50 views
  • 36 weeks
    I have returned!

    I'm back from my trip, and with a bit of a cold as well but that seems to have calmed down.

    I am aiming to resume writing as I need to get back into the habit of regular writing so I can deliver reasonably regular updates. I want to see these fics finished but this might take a bit of effort and discipline on my part.

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    1 comments · 48 views
  • 37 weeks
    Away for a bit.

    I'm going on holiday to EGX in London for a week so I wont be working on my fics for a few days. When I come back I'll try to get back into a more regular work and release schedule as I want to keep at these stories until we have an ending.

    Especially my Tomb Kings fic as I really want to write that one.

    As always, any constructive criticism is appreciated and I will see you all later!

    1 comments · 37 views
  • 41 weeks
    Tomb Kings Updated.

    Hi all!

    I want to first of all apologise for my absence, I have been working on the next chapter of Tomb Kings of Equestria as well as a private work for another site. Plus things in RL got a bit hectic, they still are if I'm honest.

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    3 comments · 71 views

It's Party Time! (Revised) Is now up! · 11:11pm Jan 29th, 2017

The revised version of 'Its Party Time!' is now up for viewing. I apologise for how long it took to post and I once again thank you for you patience. I hope you enjoy the new content.

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