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Me when I come home from school · 5:33pm Jan 27th, 2017

*Bangs on the door until my mom opens, then stomps loudly inside*


*Throws coat in the closet and give no squat about it*

*Angrily stomps into my room and shuts the door loudly to get on social media and procrastinate at the last minute to do my homework*

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I'm the more quieter version of this.

You're hungry as soon as you get home? My experience is more like as follows:

*Steps out of bus and walks (runs) down hill*

*Opens front door*

Unless door is locked,

*Rings doorbell until it is answered*

Unless there is no answer,

*Enters through basement door*

Yes, an entrance through the basement,

*Takes off bag and sets it down like gentleman and leaves coat on closet door(knob)*

"Did you have a good day?"


*Goes to room, takes off shoes and kicks them into closet and gets on computer*


4399059 Yeah, I kinda have a huge appetite :twilightblush:

4398782 I only act liked this, because I'm pissed at what happened at school which makes me grumpy every day when I come home.

I don't know if you've seen Animal House, but..

Don't watch that movie if you can't bring yourself to watch an R movie with nudity.
(Also, the guy with a neck brace his neck? He had a horse that died earlier in the movie, so there's the reason that guy taunted him with a horse noise.)

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