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Hopeful Soul

I'm just some 25-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.

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    Hey, does anyone know if there's a right way to fan cast? You know, choosing actors/actresses who you wish could play a certain character in a movie or tv show. I'm a little unsure about a few things like should the actor/actress that's being chosen be the one who most resembles the character or has done more movies or something like that? And how do you know if the guy or girl you picked is too

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    My opinion of the MLP villains:

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    Hey guys, just wanted to share my thoughts on a few things in the season 8 premiere. First off, I must express how much I HATE that bastard Chancellor Neighsay. He's just a closed-minded bigot who doesn't believe in anything but himself. I say the only thing Equestria needs protection from are ponies like him.

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    Forgotten Friendship Aftermath

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Fate of some fics · 5:36pm Jan 26th, 2017

Hey guys, listen I'm sure sure some of are you are aware that the progress on some of fics has been going very slowly and I am deeply sorry for that, I've just been really stuck lately :pinkiesad2:
As such I'm asking if you all can help me decide the fate of some of them, like for instance if I should delete my version of friendship games '. Though I could use some help on some of them to, up to you guys though.

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Comments ( 13 )

You make excellent stories. I never disliked most of them. Please keep most of them, and perhaps continue them if you feel like it.

I've been trying...

4397368 I can help with some ideas if you want. I could even help with for more story ideas(my ideas are mostly mature), but that's your choice.

4397383 Okay. If you want to, just PM me or something. I will still support your stories

4397386 Ok, and you want a story idea for you to use I have the plot for one all written up and ready to go

4397398 Okay. If I have the need for story ideas(which would mostly be mature ones I need), can I ask you for help?

If so, then I would do the same for you

4397410 Sweet. If I need help with some mature story ideas,i'll PM you.

I'll help too like I did for Bare necessities

It would be really nice for the sequel to sisterly convergance to be completed.:trollestia::heart:

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