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I'm a lot like the Puppet from Fnaf for some reason · 6:13am Jan 26th, 2017

I'm writing/typing this at 10 something PM.:pinkiecrazy:

Reason #1: Every night to get me to go to sleep I listen to Lullaby For A Princess on my computer just like how you wind the music box

Reason #2: I get depressed and lonely most of the time and feel like crying sometimes but due to my medication, It's difficult to cry. The puppet has crying streaks down it's cheeks.

Reason #3: Sometimes when I cry, I start laughing and lose my sanity. The Puppet has a smile on it's face with tear streaks.

Reason #4: I like to help children. The Puppet helps the children by stuffing their bodies in the suits.

Four is my favorite number. :pinkiegasp:

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When it comes to children, we have that thing in common. I try to help them where i can

4396896 that’s also the reason why i wrote my fics that way where humans help foals lost on earth

4396900 I didn't know that. :twilightsheepish:

4397073 you're welcome to read them if you like

4397146 Take you time, no need to hurry :twilightsmile:

You should write a story about you as the puppet.

4397174 That's a good idea.:raritystarry: I should do that. :raritywink: Thanks for the idea! :pinkiehappy:

I wish I could listen to Lullaby For A Princess every night before bed. Or starlight waltz.

4398313 It's easy, just put it on before you go to bed. :pinkiehappy:Easy as that! :raritywink:

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