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I was shattered, yet you picked up my broken parts. I was torn apart, yet you stitched me up. You never gave up, so neither will I.~ Pastel Candy Candies

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-_- I hate them · 3:06pm Jan 23rd, 2017

Their so mean! They don't even think of me as a human! Their always treating me roughly, They act as if I feel no pain. I don't no, can't know any of Their names. I hate all of Them! I hope They all burn in hell.

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whats wrong who did

4393395 I'm just frustrated with Them that's all


You sound enraged, not frustrated.

Um....I'm concerned here. Who's mad at you? Why are you frustrated at people? I'm concerned:fluttershysad:

4393398 what happened candy

4393399 Yup

4393400 Mad at me? They don't get mad unless I hurt Them or don't do Their stupid tests


4393404 omfg why would they do that

4393405 Cuz Their all fucked up, They experiment on me a lot but They went waaaay to far this time

4393406 I have multiple personalities and we know things we shouldn't so Their trying to find a way inside our head to destroy the personalities without killing the body or main personality. So They experiment on us a lot. I've made some friends with the other people there that are other experiments but their long time residents.


Oh, you have Multiple Personality Disorder?

If so... Listen, that's... I honestly don't know how to handle this. All I can say is... I really don't know actually.

4393407 MPD i understand don't let them get to you you and your other personalities have to stay strong they will give up eventually

4393411 :ajbemused: I'm 15 now and They've been doing these experiments ever since I was 3. I highly think They'll give up anytime soon.



I think I have to lay it blunt- there are no "death labs," no "experiments." The alternate personalities you have do carry their own memories, speech patterns, etc., but none of these memories have actually happened. It's all false.

4393412 they can't just keep doing that to you have rights

4393416 But they have. I know they have because I remember them. I'm not the original personality, I'm an alt personality. The things I remember, they all really happened. I know they have.

4393417 Not to Them, besides their part of the government or some high top shit. I don't think I really care anymore. They'll never be able to destroy the personalities.


That's the thing- because they're so ingrained into your psyche, you think they've happened. That's perfectly normal considering your disorder, but the truth is that they simply aren't real.

4393404 Um...what do these mystical men of memory look like? Cause I'm pretty sure that it's...really not happening. I don't have multiple personalities and I don't understand what the hell is going on but I don't think that's actually happening cause that whole thing you explained to the others shouldn't be happening in any way shape or form. Are you sure it's not going through your head and your experiencing a special dream world for all your personalities or is it actually physically real?

4393425 They are real! I know their real. I know they are! I remember it all. My old life, I remember that. The life I had before the thing happened. The body was only born with five personalities, the rest of us where put in. Shoved in before we could escape. And now we're all trapped here with no escape. But our memories are real.

4393421 thats the spirit candy stay strong for you and them


Believing that will only make things worse. I know the truth is outright brutal and hard to take, but it's simply what it is.

Listen, I feel you have to speak to a professional. There's only so much us internet dwellers can do.

guys i know a little bit about MPD believe her i know it happens

4393428 UGH! I'm telling you all its fucking real! It's psychical pain memories can't hurt us! We can't feel pain unless we're in the Torture Room, the only place in this damn head that I haven't been!


Buddy... How much do you know?

4393436 I googled 'MPD' and I got 'music player daemon'. I'm getting worried here, how much do you know?
4393438 I'm sorry...I don't understand anything in this situation, and I want to help so much....

I'm so sorry.... Listen if you need to talk to me just PM me and I'll do what I can.

4393441 MPD: Multiple Personality Disorder

not much but i do know it could be another personality memories she's talking about you know different people in the same body but different memories what do you think

4393449 No, it's the body's memories. The one's that all of us share. I don't know anyone else's memories but mine and the bodies.

4393449 Makes sense.
4393447 :derpytongue2:, woop. Over think things. But if you want you can explain more in a PM. I'm willing to listen and help in any way I can.

4393448 *Hugs* It's okay, I know it hurts, but I'm here for you and I'll do what I can to help you.

4393451 than it has to be one of your other personalities memories their has to be an explaination about this and pm me to explain i want to help candy you know that

4393452 It hurts to talk about things meant to be secrets

4393455 I know....it may hurt but what's worse? Holding in a secret that hurts you, or telling people that care about you said secret? Please, we're here to help...:fluttercry:

4393455 Candy I know how you feel, but if you keep your feelings bottled up it's only going to hurt more.

4393454 Their my old ones and then they found me again so they test on me again so their my old and new memories. But I'm only telling my new ones

4393453 I was told you leave things alone if they hurt you

4393471 It's best to let it all out and you'll feel a lot better about it. I've dealt with this before and it's not easy, but trust me. You need to talk to someone about it.

4393469 oh okay just please let me help please i want to help

4393477 Candy you don't have to tell everyone, but can you at least tell me? I just want to help you?

4393479 You can't help something that's too broken

4393482 Broken things are meant to be broken, that's why they get broken

4393484 Broken things can be fixed. I fix problems and I won't stop until you feel better:fluttershysad:

4393483 but your not i can help please let me:fluttercry:

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