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This is an alt account for posting smut but all I will say is that I am a carbon based intelligent organism of earthly origin, made mostly of water.

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    Exciting news

    I have a new story almost ready to post. This will be a sequal to A Tentacular Discovery and focus on Twilight's struggle to fight against the tentacles' conditioning and save Equestria. Spoilers: she fails.

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    A question about kinks

    Hey everyone, I am glad you are all enjoying my two new releases. I have started on the first chapter of a spin off story to A Tentacular Discovery. I wanted to get a read on what people thought about something though. Watersports... Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. My question though is what do you think of it in porn, are you okay with it, maybe sometimes? More importantly, why? I'll give my own

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    Two blogs, one day.

    I just wanted to throw this out there because I am a dumb dumb and maybe others won't take so long to realize this if I say it. I started working on my next story and I made an outline for it. Instead f a week, I have finished chapter one in a few hours. Outlining is amazing and I recommend it to all writers. Don't be me and let your spur of the moment OC's derail a story, use an outline. Also,

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    You Can Help!

    Alright everyone, I have figured out what I am going to do. In the interest of making Twilight's Plant Experimentation the best it can be, I will be linking the GDocs version of chapters 1-4 so anyone who wants to can go and suggest edits. Additionally (drum roll please) I will be linking Chapter 5 on GDocs so you can suggest edits as well. Now, I am taking a bit of a leap of faith here. I ask

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    Almost There

    Alrighty then. I just finished writing chapter 5. I still need to edit it as well as probably beef up the level of detail. It's going to be a short one, but the main body of it is all tentacle sex, so there is that to look forward to. I am a little iffy right now on the quality and after I do an edit run I may enlist some help with pre-reading it. I will probably do the editing tonight

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Thank you all very much · 3:30am Jan 23rd, 2017

The survey seemed to work wonderfully. With a solid 75 votes it is a 60/40 percent split with permanent infestation taking the win. To everyone on the lo...not wining side, I do want to let you all know that there is a bit of a consolation. there is a good chance of more flowers being planted with some action therein related. My goal is to have the next chapter written by the end of the week with the story updating next weekend. I do apologize that things have slowed down a bit, the first three chapters practically wrote themselves but now I am going to need to commit more effort into subsequent chapters. The good news for me is I think it will be three more chapters at the most with a possibility for one or possibly two separate bonus chapters. This is good news for you as well though, because It means that things will hopefully not get dry and I may have several ideas for new stories in the future.

Edit: I forgot the other important thing I had to say! I am updating the dialogue at the end of chapter three to make Rain Whistle the more confident one and Twilight the one hoping to start a romantic relationship. I think this will fit both of their characters better in the future chapters. Read it if you would like, or if you remember basically what was said, flip the dialogue so the other mare is saying it and you are pretty much good to go.

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Apparently #Hashtag is not original, I apologize loyal readers and will do better in the future.

lol... i feel like twilight being confident fits with her change via the constant arousal. however, i will agree that in a social aspect, she would be best suited as the unsure one with relationships. in your world canon- sexuality is an acceptably.open and explored thing - so the sex aspect twi would be more than confident in. good luck with the new chapters. feel free to look at my shelf of 'mature' if you want a few ideas for inspiration.

also, if you would like- Reviewers Cafe

i am an editor that doesn't do really long stories. if i do a long story, i take a break after a few chapters. i only just got back to editing one story after a couple month break.

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