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I'm a simple person who dislikes very little and hates even less; I like (or even love) a few things: reading, gaming, Pinkie Pie, and writing; I even take story requests~!

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    Making Friends with Statues now has a reading on YouTube by Robipony (the amazing)!

    It can be found here!

    That is about all I have for this,
    super ecstatic me signing off!

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    Possible New Clop

    I was wondering, if I made a new clop (non-request) would anyone read it? I suspect it would have near as good quality as the other, if not better, and the um... sexy... stuff won't be changed out of my wording. Um... I'm not sure what else to say.

    Until next time, I guess?

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Story Requests (No longer in work) · 8:47pm Jan 20th, 2017

I will be taking Story Requests for a while, I haven't decided the exact amount of time, but I will do a follow up blog saying I have stopped. If you have a request there is a few things to note.
(This is not to be believed anymore.)

1) Requests are for short stories, that would be 1-2 chapters, I suppose I will work on making things only 1 chapter long, but some may end up going to 2 chapters.

2) If the request involves an OC then I will need to know basic information about them.

3) Requests can be put into the comment section, or by PMing me, whatever works for you.

4) This is a challenge for me, it was this, or making a story a day for two weeks, and this seemed like it would be far more fun.(and due-able)

Until next time,

Report DeshLune · 232 views · #Challenge #Requests
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Comments ( 16 )

What types of stories yoy looking to write? That is if you're still doing requests.

4398956 I am still doing requests, and as for stories whatever the requester requests. :)

4399121 If you don't have a problem with doing clop Think you could do a Octavia, Fleur de Lis one. Bonus points for it being human or anthro. with some berth play.

4399728 I do have one question, since I'm not to familiar with terminology. What is berth play? And yes I can do that... can't guarantee that it will be really good, but I will try my best. ^^

4399905 Its an asphyxiation/ choking fetish. If you don't feel right including it you don't have to. Don't want to ask you to write something you're not comfortable with.

And as for you saying it may not be good, I'm not goan rake you across the cols. People get better with every story they write. Just do your best and I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well since I don't see anything on your list, I'll add a few of my own. No rush.

-Seedling Springing In Love
-Feeling Helpless
-Sick Day

I guess I should have made it a little more clear. This blog is saying that I am taking writing requests. As far as review requests they would be better on the Master List, or one of the existing review blogs.

As far as Seedling Springing In Love I will have that with this weeks reviews. But I am taking today off, since I have been working tirelessly the last several weeks. Other than small breaks with friends. I basically go to classes, get home to work on either; reviews, editing, reading, or writing. While just taking a small break today; I seem to be taking a more relaxing break Thursday and Friday.

I will add the other two to my review suggestions though.

4475517 that might be my bad... well regardless, thanks. Where is your folder? Just so I know it's the right one

I keep all but two folders as "Unlisted" if you want to see my a different folder you would have to ask, so that I can send you a link to it.

4475537 So the arc review is the one on the review process? Then at least now I know and I don't feel so bad.

That is for the large stories. Usually they are over 200k words. Otherwise it is for the stories with multiple arcs, and that bookshelf is for the ones that have had one or more arc reviewed.

4475567 oh. Well, then were is the list for the short stories?

Comment posted by DeshLune deleted Jul 2nd, 2017

4475577 No wonder I couldn't see it. It's out of public eye. Well thanks. Now I know.

I did that since I didn't want to burden people with the notifications. Since I am often moving things around and that could make several notifications as I am still working on making a better bookshelf organization. Give me several minutes and I'll add a module on my userpage. And to make things a little easier let us move this to either PMs or one of our userpages'.

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