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For Future Reference; Legends of Everfree Question · 1:59pm Jan 20th, 2017

Those who have read my main fic, AJBS, will know, along with Stardust we'll eventually be forced to endure the most painful of all the EQG movies in due time. So I have a question, as Stardust will certainly be antagonistic - rightfully so - against those incompetent camp counselors and treat them as the villains they truly are: Which method would you prefer him to utilize following those future chapters?

- A loud, vocal passionate Stardust who outright just yells and scolds, unafraid to use violence if need be to stop the villainy from occurring. Threatening to shut down the camp and do so if they don't comply to his demands and put the gems back where those two teenagers found them. Physically battling Gia Everfree without any restraint nor hesitation, and roaring in rage in the aftermath without any regard to what the girls think or feel on the matter.

- A colder, scheming Stardust who pulls the strings behind the curtain. Moving the pieces of the board to fulfill his goals in making sure everyone stays safe, regardless of their own feelings on the matters. Who thinks what he's doing is for the best; treating everyone else like children trying to be adults. And coldly persuades Filthy Rich to shut down the camp without any opinion from the others at the end.

Either way, Stardust will not be treating anyone there with any kind of sympathy or kindness; not with the sheer idiocy and terrible decision making by every. Single. Character. There.

Comments ( 4 )

Both options are soooo good, but in this chase, I would use the second

I would use the first one

a) The first movie was the worst, I literally was sick the day after I watched it b) I'm not sure I can stand another trust lecture from Twilight, not taillights as my autocorrect put it, so don't make him the second option and c) I want to have three points so: INSERT REASON OF OF YOUR CHOISE HERE.

Second option. Second option is way better

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