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And That Concludes My Longest Story · 8:53pm Jan 19th, 2017

Yes, after so long of working on The Incantation, it's finally finished. I'll need to do some editing here and there, but other than that, it's done! My first novel-length story is completed.

With that being said, I can now work on my other two planned stories. Yes, two.

Despite my little outburst not long ago about downvotes, I will continue writing only because I have another idea on top of the creepypasta I was going to write. The new story I will also be working on is my first attempt at an HiE fic. Yep. I'm gonna give it a shot. Both of these new stories shouldn't exceed 15k words, so they'll be relatively short.

And I will be working on the Grammar and Punctuation class along with starting up my artwork again. I've retrieved my beloved PC from the pawn shop, so I can get back to drawing!

To those who've chosen to stick around, I thank you. You keep me going. See you around!


Report Dandereshy · 353 views · Story: The Incantation · #Done
Comments ( 20 )

Awesome! Write on my friend.

I am quite glad that you are choosing to continue writing my good author!


I will! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! I've actually now got three stories lined up, possibly one to publish today. I suppose the only way to get more followers and more votes is to keep writing, so that's what I'll do.:pinkiesmile:

You write original stories as well, right? On which sites do you publish them, if I may ask?


Original stories? Are you referring to my About Me story where I mentioned my book in real life?

4412552 Well, you wrote before you found MLP, so I just assumed you have non-fanfiction stories. Since publishing is expensive, I thought you published them online and I was just curious where that might be.


Ah. No, unfortunately, the only surviving manuscript was lost years ago. Nothing I wrote before joining the fandom exists anymore.:fluttercry:

4412578 :pinkiegasp:
What happened? How much writing was lost?

4413090 Was there a fire? Didn't you have any backup?


The backup was lost as well, and no, no fire. I live in Oklahoma. We're famous for a specific type of dangerous weather phenomenon.:pinkiesad2:

4413093 You poor thing. :fluttercry: I just wanna hug you right now.


Hugs won't bring back all my lost stuff and work though. :raritycry:


I suppose there's a positive in all this. At least I wasn't home when the tornado came through. I could be in the same shape as my stuff. :fluttershysad:

4413106 I'm glad you weren't home that day.


I can eventually rewrite it. It'll take time though.

4413118 Maybe it will be even better than the original. You've probably learned quite a lot since then. Many authors rewrite their work. Several times, even.

Maybe it will be like the time London burned to the ground. They rebuilt it, and it was even better because of the tragedy than it would have been otherwise.


True. I have learned quite a bit. Especially here.:pinkiesmile:

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