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    An Update on the Story Situation

    Hello readers, those who are still with me after all this time.

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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Joyous Whatever You Celebrate This Time of Year

    Hello readers!

    I know you came here hoping to see a new chapter, but that's still in the works.

    Instead, I made you a Christmas present! (finished it just in time too... its 11:30pm here... phew)


    Just a little thank you from me, to you. Also gives you your first real look at Indigo.

    Happy Holidays!

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An Update on the Story Situation · 10:27am Sep 25th, 2012

Hello readers, those who are still with me after all this time.

I'm sorry for the long period of silence. I know some of you are worried that I have given up on the story, and you were right to worry. I nearly gave up on it and myself. I've been having a hard time for most of the last year with depression and an utter refusal of my muse to work with me, on top of job frustration and stress. I was afraid to post anything here, or to put the story on hiatus, because I didn't want to give up, but I also didn't want to put it on hiatus because that would give me an excuse to forget about all this.

And that's one thing I have not done.

Indigo's story plays through my head nearly every night as I try to fall asleep. I work out entire scenes in my head, with the characters talking and interacting. The block is not that my writing is not good enough, as many critics have said (even after getting an editor), or that I do not know where to go with the story (because I have basically the entire story planned out), but that since nearly the beginning of the year, my muse has not even allowed me to write a sentence. I sit down and it is like pounding my head against a wall. I know what I want to write, but I cannot seem to do it.

But after some encouragement from a reader who told me how much my story meant to him, even after this long, I decided I am going to try again. So what if all the critics hate my writing. So what if I will never get onto EqD, or get any real large number of readers, or get featured as a story to read. You all enjoy my story, and that should be good enough. It will be good enough. I may still be a blank flank, and my special talent may not be in writing, but that isn't an excuse to not finish a story, and to leave you all hanging.

So I am going to try and continue the story. It may not be as polished as the last few chapters, because I am sure my editor has long since moved on, but since I am no longer going to probably submit this anywhere, hopefully it will still be to your liking. (It was before I got an editor, anyways!)

All I ask is that if any of you still read this, lend me your metaphorical support. Leave me a comment! Let me know you like the story. Maybe it will help my muse come back. Who knows.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. No ETA on the next chapter, but I will push against my writers block as hard as I can. Sorry!

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Comments ( 4 )

Dude, I miss you. Come back to chat whenever you're feeling up to it :pinkiesmile:

Which Chat? #EquestrianStudy? It's been so long I don't even remember... :(

#fimfiction, I'm a mod now :yay:

#EquestrianStudy is open to you too :pinkiesmile:

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