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Sup. I'm a guy that loves MLP, and also loves dragons. I'm an artist and studying to be an animator... but writing fics is still pretty fun. Not really much else to say.

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    The Root of My Pain, the Core of my Growth has reached TWO-HUNDRED LIKES!!!! Thank you guys again so much, I couldn't have done it without you all!

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Holy Hell... I think the People like it. · 4:29am Jan 19th, 2017

39 likes, over 900 views... all in just five days.

Well I know which story I'm going to be continuing.

Root of my Pain, Core of my Growth is doing a lot better than I expected it to in such a short time after posting it. I kind of wish I got more on it done than I did before posting, maybe even just trying to get it all finished so I could just post chapters daily for its entire length.

Unfortunately, I cannot do that. I'm afraid that only Chapter 6 is done now, and 7 is almost complete, but after those, I'm not going to be posting chapters nearly as quickly as I have. Sorry guys. I've got stuff going on in life that prevent me from writing a lot. Not to mention the fact that I'm easily distracted and am just as likely to get right back up to do something else, rather than sit down to try to get more writing done.

So in short, no more daily updates. I'm sorry. :fluttershysad:

Thank you guys so much for liking what I write.

Edit: correction, make that 40 likes in 5 days

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