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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?

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Tea · 4:23pm Jan 17th, 2017

"You know," Luna said, sipping quietly at her cup of coffee, "We haven't heard much from you for the past few months. Has everything been alright?"

Airstream was silent. He'd seen better days, that much was obvious. He'd lost weight, which, while technically a good thing, revealed a sharpness to his features that could be a little more than frightening. His face, rough and blasted by sand, was brown save for a band around his eyes, where tinted glasses and sand goggles had spent enough time to leave a mark. His hair was cropped close, and he wore clothing of brown canvas, similar to that of an Equestrian serial adventurer, like Daring Do. The sum total of the details gave rise to a picture of general ruggedness, and not necessarily a charming kind of roughness either.

"Your sister," he said finally, "May have some issues with self control." He grasped the clay mug of tea, minty-green and cool. "For one," he continued, "This region could have used a bit more rain and much less sun."

Luna arched an eyebrow. "Some might say that the environment has given rise to a very unique ecosystem," she replied. "Some desert species are fascinating."

Airstream snorted. "Yes, for a given definition of fascinating. Feral dogs. Feral cats. Scorpions, rats, camel spiders..."

"Camel spiders?" Luna interrupted, envisioning eight-legged camels. The image brought an amused smile to her lips.

"Hand sized insects similar to spiders. Large front fangs, beady black eyes, fast as hell and big as my hand. They're possibly the ugliest thing on the planet. Also they chase your shadow during the day, are attracted to light at night, and did you know that they can scream and hiss? I didn't. Now I do." Airstream took a calming sip of his tea. "I'm given to understand you like arachnids and other such creeping things. Take a look, I'm sure it will interest you."

Luna smiled at that. "Perhaps I will. They sound intriguing. But you're ducking the question. How are you?"

Airstream set down his mug with a clack, blowing air through his cheeks. He ran a hand over his head, a nervous gesture he hadn't had before. "I've been living in a tent for six months," he said. "In the desert. Shaking sand and spiders out of my boots, drinking and sweating out too much water, spending holidays away from friends and family. Away from my home, Luna. It hasn't been the best time in my life."

Luna's heart sank.

"But on the other hand," he said, "I've gotten into shape. I've learned a little bit more about who I am as a person. I've made good friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise, developed skills I wouldn't have back home. I've grown a bit. So maybe even though it wasn't what I wanted, it might have been what I needed."

Luna looked at him, perhaps a bit startled. "That's...an interesting way of looking at it," she said. "I'm sure the others will enjoy hearing from you."

There was a companionable silence. Luna spoke again, giving voice to a question that had been burning in her mind ever since she sat down at the small table. "Those clothes," she said. "Were you trying to go for the look of some sort of explorer?"

Airstream smiled. "I've got a bomber jacket too," he said. "And a brown fedora."

"Why, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Because," Airstream replied, giving her a roguish grin, "If I'm going to be in the desert for six months, I should at least be ready to raid a tomb if the occasion calls for it."

"And did you?"

"Did I what?"

Luna rolled her eyes. "Did you raid any tombs?"

"Maybe," Airstream replied, pouring himself another cup of tea from the old clay teapot. "Maybe not. More coffee?"

"If you don't mind," Luna said absently, offering her cup. Airstream tilted the pot, pouring her another cup of coffee. "It's quite good, thank you."

"My pleasure," Airstream replied with a knowing smile.

Luna sipped at her coffee, Airstream at his tea. Her eyes traveled from his cup to hers. Back to his. Back to the pot. The single pot, from which he had poured both of those drinks. Something clicked.

"Wait just a minute."

I'm coming home! Back again, back again, jiggety jog. It'll be nice and cold, and I'll have two weeks before anyone expects to hear from me.

My plan is to finish Courts of the Magi, which is very close to completion. Then, after a short break, I'll be ready to begin work on the next story in the series!

It will feature our two heroines and singular hero as they venture from the relative safety of Cadance's court, into the heartland of Twilight Sparkle's greatest enemy. There, among the subjects of the Celestial Empire, they shall need to be more vigilant than ever, surrounded by eyes and ears on every side, even from within their own ranks. Serale Everstar's curious lineage will need investigated, the threat of the Cult of Crows will reveal the true edge of its reach, and through it all, a mysterious traitor will watch their every move.

Coming soon! The Sunfall Cycle; By Sin of the Mother!

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I can't wait for this! Welcome back

"The single pot, from which he had poured both of those drinks."

I don't.... what... I want a pot like that.

And thus the Fimfiction radio silence is broken. It's great to have you back, and I hope it's been a life-changing six months, either way.


Glad to see you around!

Comment posted by Zenith Sparkle deleted Jan 2nd, 2020

Terribly exciting and energizing to read these words. I know I would have waited another year for your stories, but you coming back now is truly a gift!

Glad to hear from you again!

Yay, safe! Yay, leave! And yay, update!

As I recall, the Chinese made a pot like this once. It had two chambers and a small hole on the handle that could be covered to switch between the liquids.

I don't remember exactly how it worked, but it was neat.


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