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I'm college brony who specializes in crossover stories and possible rp logs in Deviantart

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  • 192 weeks
    Sequel to Draco-Pony Conflict!

    Yep! You heard it here folks, my collab partner and i have begun writing our sequel to the featured fic Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict!

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  • 205 weeks
    Follow a new member!

    Hey guys, it's Edwin here.

    At long last, my da sister who I've come to know and love for the past 5 years has arrived on FimFiction to promote a new MLP story!

    Please welcome my sister XFangHeartX

    She is preparing to post her story not just here but on deviatart and fanfiction.com as well.

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  • 225 weeks
    Fairy Tail 537 and FT: Draco Pony Conflict

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  • 244 weeks
    Happy Spike Day!

    Hello everyone out there and I wish you a very happy Spike day!

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  • 252 weeks
    Chapter 14 & 15

    Hey guys, Ed here and here to say that Chapter 14 and 15 of Fairy Tail: The Draco Pony Conflict is being written now. And for these last 2 chapters, my collab partner and I are writing them through notes over in Deviantart to make them as best as we can!

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Happy Spike Day! · 5:53pm Jan 16th, 2017

Hello everyone out there and I wish you a very happy Spike day!

I wish to bring to attention a little note regarding the epic fic Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict. My partner and I never intended for Spike to be the big hero at the end originally we wanted Natsu to beat the crap out of Garble but then we thought 'Hey Spike's a little dragon, why don't we give him a bigger spotlight?' and soon we've written him training with the dragon-slayers. And before we knew it we wrote a glorious anime-crossover/Spike fic and now it's one of my most popular of my stories with a series sequel in the works!

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