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In Brightest Night, In Darkest Day: Assassinverse Spin-off · 2:03am Jan 14th, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, DARK is doing much, much better than the previous incarnations!

Anyways, I wanted to talk to you guys about The Lantern-Verse. You see, I'm planning to do an Assassinverse spin-off story with...

Now, seeing as some of you, in particular my co-author, don't know about the Assassinverse, here's a link to the group.. Anyways, the big idea is that Twilight, having found the Sinestro Lantern's token earlier that day while she was on a romantic walk with Pony!Brad, aka Flash Sentry, and she summons the Sinestro Lantern with her dying breath. Needless to say, when Hal gets word of what's going on there, he IMMEDIATELY shifts into...

One thing's for sure, though. The Traditionalists, Equestria First, and Amadeus Blueblood will know the true meaning of...

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