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Green Fanart: Fluttershy's Money Troubles · 12:19am Jan 14th, 2017

Presented without comment beyond a squee of joy. What follows is a small spoiler for Green, but can be enjoyed on its own merits very easily.

The preceding was brought to you by the deranged mind of a madman and the hard labor of Nova Quill/Firimil.

Report Steel Resolve · 782 views · Story: Green · #Mo Money Mo Problems
Comments ( 8 )


*snerks* Very cute fun.

Ah, Fluttershy, this is why we love you :fluttershyouch:

Not that I wish to copy an idea but this along could serve as the basis for a new fic. Fluttershy has to have some other means of income to fund her caretaker duties after all...

4382232 If it sparks ideas for you, run with it.

4382427 Trust me, I intend to at some point. :)

Definitely funny but that was so dense it hurt lol. I haven't groaned that bad in a long time :facehoof:

4382834 Well, when you don't normally deal with large amounts of money and you don't want to be a bother to anypony it can be very difficult to know what to do. Bits are not exactly the most space efficient money system, after all. Think about getting even two years of your standard salary in quarters. You've never had a bank account, never needed one, and think those aren't even for people like you anyway. You already own nice things and your cupboards are full.

The rest of us would probably say go to Vegas or something, but that's just a way to lose all the money, which, granted, would temporarily solve the problem. But for Fluttershy, not so much something she'd even want to do.

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