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  • 152 weeks
    Update on what's up

    He guys! It's been...years. Years since I've been here and updated my most famous, if it still is, fanfic in this site. So I've been struggling with life like anyone else, you know the kind: work, family stuff, life and questioning what then heck am I even going do with my life. It's a struggle we have to deal with. For me, it's work. Pay bills, save money and other things. It's what made me

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    Are we winning or losing?!

    Hey guys, here with an update that affects this fanfic, and the entire internet. The FCC are planning to ruin the internet. In other words, ruin our freedom of writing fanfics! I just found out about this ealier this week. So I can't focus on continuing my stories if the FCC are creating a mess at this time. So I searched to see if we are winning this battle. By the looks of it, it does not. So I

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    Hey guys what's up? Im kinda in a struggle here. I've been writing non-mlp fanfics and I have been enjoying it so far, but I'm taking a break and I want to work on mlp fanfics again, but I'm in the decision on working on on I not. Have you guys ever had that feeling before? I want to get back to mlp, but I don't know if I want to. And it's kinda tearing me apart. I don't want to leave you guys.

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  • 262 weeks

    Hello? Anybody still there? I just want to know if you guys still support me and still want me work on my fanfics? Can I get some replies so that I know I can still work on it. Thanks.

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  • 263 weeks

    Hey everyone sorry for the hold up. I've been very busy lately as I couldn't have the time to work my stories. I hope you guys understand as I'm sure you are busy too. Yeah it's been crazy busy with my life as I rarely have to time to write. Also, this is to show you that I'm not dead or anything, just occupied. Lastly, thanks for your support and I hope I can get back to writing. Thank you.

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Asking for something · 4:19pm Jan 13th, 2017

Can I ask you guys something? Do you want me to continue on my megaman fanfic? It's been on my mind lately and I just want to know if there are people who still read it. If not, that's fine. Just asking ya know?

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I wouldn't mind, but if you don't want to, I won't force you or pester you to.

I definitely want to read more of it.

Maybe rewrite the entire thing?
Fresh start and all that.

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