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    I wasn't convinced about my own story anymore.

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    Whoa, it's been almost three years since I started writing The Shimmer of Magic, and you've been really supportive. Thank you very much!

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The Shimmer of Magic's end and sequel! · 4:19am Jan 13th, 2017

Whoa, it's been almost three years since I started writing The Shimmer of Magic, and you've been really supportive. Thank you very much!

Now, as you know, I have published the last chapter of TSM (and if you don't, go read it!). But that doesn't mean the story is finished! I actually was going to keep writing chapters, but my editor and good friend, Crow, suggested I divide the story and prepare a sequel. And after a bit of debate and pondering, I agreed.

So, the story will continue in the sequel The Trick to Success, where our protagonists will face greater challenges than any high school can give. I also want to write a bit more about the rest of the main six, since I kind of left them behind xD

Anyway, I'd really like to read your thoughts and that stuff. I'll try to reply to as many comments as I can!

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Comments ( 10 )

I would think having the Pie Family involved would be a great addition. While the situation with Maud as more or less closed, we never really got a sense of where Maud stood afterwards.

I liked how Rarity was a main focus of the story overall. While I would have liked to see more Sci-Twi and Rainbow Dash in particular.

You had made a Rarity fan out of me with your story. Her involvement with Trixie was a close intimate friendship that I would like to see expanded upon in the sequel personally. Rarity herself never felt like she was 'just there.' she always had a purpose for being in the story when she needed to be and always felt like she belonged there. Now I want to see Trixie in her life with Rarity and her parents/sister.

The slow growth between Trixie and her relationship' with Sunset was really something l liked. From the shaky start to the intimate closeness they shared at the end was a nice steady pace that felt real and loving. Minus the long waits, but hey that's life right?

Overall the only real gripes I have were Trixie's parents, the conflict felt unresolved. Though I'm sure you'll address it in the next entry in the series. That about all my thoughts. Great work as always friend! Tell me when the next one's out!

4381149 As I said in the post, more than a sequel, it's going to be "part 2". Trixie's family's plot is going to be addressed, without a doubt, and all throughout the story, at that. The pie family is going to play a major role, too. Although more Pinkie than her sisters, Maud will appear at some point again. And, of course, the rest of the girls will have their spotlight at some point.

As with Rarity, my first intention was for her to become Sunset's closest friend, but she ended up being Trixie's. So is life amirite? And I do plan to write something about Trixie and Sweetie Belle sharing the same house.

Thank you for reading and for taking your time to write your thoughts. I really appreciate it!

Whoa, it's been almost three years since I started writing The Shimmer of Magic, and you've been really supportive.

Well, I wouldn't completely say that, me and Crow have been snarking at eachother about you for quite awhile now. :pinkiehappy:

You write good stories, and also do good artwork, we both have issues with that. :ajbemused:

Poor Maud, never had a chance. Ah well, she can't win in every story she's in.

I actually was going to keep writing chapters, but my editor and good friend, Crow, suggested I divide the story and prepare a sequel. And after a bit of debate and pondering, I agreed.

I convinced him into that for his as well, once you get to a certain length, it becomes really hard to attract new readers, no matter how good of a story it is. Better to break it up a little if possible, and you have a very good end point here. The story could end here and be a satisfying conclusion.

Mind you, I am happy that you will continue it. Trixie and Sunset's future is going to be interesting. I wonder how much, if anything, of the movies you will use, despite how different your story is from what actually happened. I suppose alot of them become very unlikely with the portal gone, but, meh, creative license and all that.

It's kind of funny, but, at the moment, Sunset's future really hinges on Trixie. Unless she is fine being an accountant/helper for Flim and Flam for her entire life. No education, no college, really kills off her career opportunities.

I went through and read this from the start again a few days ago, really good to see how it all came together. Makes me wonder how long until they all separate, Twi getting her scholarship being a big parting. I kind of wonder what ends up happening with the Dazzlings in your world, they still have their magic, but I guess they aren't much of a concern with the portal out of commission.

I also want to write a bit more about the rest of the main six, since I kind of left them behind.

Eh, s'okay to do that, they weren't the main characters in this in the end. The story has the whole feel of them being there, but they were kind of nebulous in Shimmer's life. Rarity and Trixie became pretty good friends due to circumstances, but the rest were just around at times.

I'm looking forward to Sunset's evil plots in the future, whatever they may be. She's kind of 'reformed' but she feels more devious, only in a more positive manner, like finding ways to embarrass and tease her girlfriend. :twilightblush:

I wonder how long it will be before Trixie and Sunset get an apartment together, or until Trixie moves in with her. Sleeping on a couch is quickly becoming beneath the up and coming showmare!...err...showgirl....ehhhh....magician. :trixieshiftright:

Okay, I'm rambling. Overall, I loved this story, and look forward to the sequel. Quite curious to see if Trixie's family caves in before she does, and if Sunset ever gets that opportunity to see Equestria or connect with it again.

I really like your ideas, and I don't have expectations for the sequel of what has become one of my favorite Sunset Shimmer stories. Surprise us! :raritywink:

Oh, and please make a blog whenever the story goes up, so we don't miss it! :twilightsmile:

Ahh, fun ships sometimes can throw you for a loop, and yet you can't help but enjoy watching it all.

There are a few loose ends, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was taken care of thanks to pride- The Sunset that attacked Trixie from this world still has her trial. Will Twilight still have problems with her or will the trial be upended? Will Trixie be needed later for the court case since she's the victim, or will the footage be enough?

Are the two going to get lonely since Trixie is slowly becoming a little more known in town? Or have they decided just to leave an open door policy for the want of her return and apology?

The portal- Are we going to get any sign of the 'What happened over there?' from Princess Twilight? Are we going to get a rescue effort to try and open a new portal so that Sunset could go home, leading her to have to choose between the two?

I'll understand if the sequel will answer more of the questions I actually have, which if the case, please do tell!

As for the shipping- So many different names and ways this can go. I do like how sweet they are too each other. I do like that they have kept their personalities intact and that Trixie shows that independent streak still goes a mile wide. Giving that up was obviously hard, but some times life is worth some hardship for the sweetness of companionship.

The breakup hurt Sunset as much as Trixie because obviously with the last chapter, with what they said? Sunset didn't want her heart torn further. Giving part of your heart to someone leaves it scarred, riddled with holes..but it can make it beautiful for the growth it gains and shows.

I am a shipper, and I've seen a lot of the ships you've mentioned work too. Pinkie is an extrovert and parties are her thing, but so is getting to know the person she makes the party for if she's anything like her pony counterpart. Dates could be full of Twilights favorite things and some of her disliked things given a new spin.

Appledash of course being what it is, shows through too if one thinks on it. Does make me wonder if you'll throw people for a loop though.
AKA Raridash which is a bit more interesting. Honestly, looking cool is part of Dash thing, but she doesn't realize that Rarity could end up giving her cool factors in different ways. We've seen in May the Best Pet Win that she's not actually afraid of different styles to work with someone well..some pet. Heh.

Still, the shipping game is a silly wonderful excuse to just say some of your favorites or what you think works well, but it's also a way to see who can just have fun being silly.

Anyway, take care Hakuno! Hope to hear about the sequel soon!

Been happy so far, no real comments as to what will come. I will read and be happy!

...as long as Sunset's guesses are on the money regarding shipping, that is. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, the plan is to deal with everything you mentioned in the sequel. Sunset and Trixie's career being the major plot of the fic, and the rest of the girls' lives, too.

I can't really talk about the other things you said because then I'd spoil you, so let's just wait for the sequel =D

Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

You don't know how much it means to me that you say mine is one of your favorite stories. Thank you!


I'll understand if the sequel will answer more of the questions I actually have

Yes, it will xD

The shipping game was just something for Trixie and Sunset to have a little fun before the next scene, which was a lot more serious. I wasn't trying to mention my ships or anything, especially because I don't particularly ship the mane six with each other.

Anyway, thanks for commenting. I'm really happy you liked my story and are waiting for the sequel. I'll try not to disappoint!

Thank you for saying you'll read one way or the other!

Although shipping might be a bit of a problem. Is a sixsome appealing to you?

4381432 sixsome is fine! I just have a blinding hatred for rarijack on their own :P


I believe you won't as this has been very fun for me. I do hope you have a good time yourself writing and thank you for sharing it with us!

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