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The Desecrator

I like memes, dark stuff and weed. I am a decent guy tho. You may find me a bit odd but that was thanks to an abusive childhood. :) I'm honestly okay though, just a bit weird.

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    Some more shit I published. Currently loving hating life and I just thought id write more trash. New chapter coming whenever I can be bothered.

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    Wtf there's a blog?

    Didn't know this existed, so prepare for random shit.

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Wtf there's a blog? · 11:21pm Jan 12th, 2017

Didn't know this existed, so prepare for random shit.

I like long Ice Cream cones. No idea why - I just do. I really love them. The wafer effect is amplified and the taste is even better due to the waferness not soaking up as much of the Ice Cream. This happens because Ben and his partner Jerry are at war with one another in finding out something, and I honestly have no clue in hell what my parents were on when my sperm self was pumped into the vag.

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