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  • 1w, 13h
    New story!

    I'm particularly happy about putting this up, because it's been months since I've written anything other than that one short chapter for Blossomforth Needs Her Own Tag. Go ahead and check it out! If you're into Ranma 1/2, this will hopefully be something that interests you! In fact, I'm hoping it interests people even if they're NOT into Ranma 1/2!

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  • 5w, 18h
    Youtube Reading!

    So a user by the name of Brian Random was kind enough to record and post a reading of Marble Madness! Go on and check it out! I was really happy with the result, and the voice acting for all the characters is totally on point. Voices are by Brian Random and Sugar Cloud.

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  • 10w, 6d
    Twinkle Status: Exploding

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  • 15w, 3d
    Looking for some feedback!


    First off, I'd like to apologize for my utter lack of writing in the past couple of months. I've found myself incapable of writing for some reason, but I'm hoping to fix that in the near future.

    Second off, I'd like to welcome people who might be new to my work! I've picked up some new readers thanks to DrWolf001's ongoing reading of Small Scale, and it's a pleasure to have you! If you didn't know about this reading, head on over to his channel linked above and check it out! He's putting out a chapter every Monday and Wednesday until it's done (currently up to chapter 3), and it's a very nice, relaxing reading. He produces plenty of other quality content as well, so give him a look-see!

    Anyway, this renewed interest in Small Scale has got me wanting to write a sequel. I really loved writing the original so much and was taken aback by the response it got, and at the time I thought that maybe I was done with that particular universe. The more I think on it, though, the more I want to expand it a bit with a sequel. I've got a couple of idea threads bouncing around of what I could write about in a sequel, but I'd like to also see what the readers think. So...

    If I were to write a sequel to Small Scale, what would you like to see in it?

    I can't guarantee that a sequel will be forthcoming, but I'm certainly interested in doing so. I also can't guarantee that I will take suggestions given. I'm mainly just interested in seeing what people would want to see in a sequel.

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  • 24w, 6d
    New story incoming!

    I know I said in my last blog that I'd be working on one of my older stories next, but then last week's episode inspired me to write a new story completely. With any luck, the story will be out by this evening, but there's a chance it might not be till tomorrow.

    As a little warning, though, this is going to be a mature-rated story because I am a naughty person. So if that's not your thing, I guess never mind! But if that IS your thing, then get ready!

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  • 26w, 4d
    That was a blast.

    Thank you all so much for your reception of Daring Do and the Incomparable Incompetaur! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I could really pull the story off. It's so rare that I write anything that doesn't involve cute pony kisses, let alone something adventure-esque. The idea randomly came to me one morning at work, and I'm glad people enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's one of the rare instances where I came up with a title and then the story followed, and I'm quite happy with the results. So thanks!

    I'm gonna take a couple of days off before I get back to writing. When I do, I believe I'm going to finally get back to writing The Curiously Colorful Case of Chroma Splash. I know some people might be turned off from it when they see the tags (Twilight, OC, and Romance), but I really hope people give it a chance. I'm hoping for it to be a fun one!

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  • 26w, 6d
    New story coming, possibly a bit later today!

    Whooooooo's ready for a Daring Do adventure? :pinkiehappy:

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  • 27w, 6d
    Random Contest Results!

    Thanks for the minifics, everyone! There was a lot of adorable cuteness going on there, as well as some pretty silly and hilarious stuff. However, there can only be one winner, and without further ado, the winner of the contest is...

    Cold Spike!

    I'll shoot you a PM in a little bit. Thanks to everyone for entering, and I hope you had fun with it!

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  • 28w, 1d
    Random Contest!

    I have a code for a copy of Cook, Serve, Delicious on Steam. It's a really great game where you're tasked with quickly and efficiently serving food to customers while maintaining your restaurant. I already have the game, so I have no use for the code. I want to give it away, BUT I figured I'd do it in a fun way!

    So here's what's going to happen. Whoever can write me the cutest Appleshy minific will win the game! I'm looking for a story of no less than 50 words but no greater than 100, and should meet an Everybody rating. Just post it as a reply to this blog and I'll pick a winner by Friday afternoon, around 3:00 PM Eastern! One entry per person, of course.

    Watch this get no responses and I just look silly D:

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  • 28w, 4d
    Hood Rat Status: Finally Complete!

    And oh how good it feels you guys :twilightsmile:

    I feel that one of my biggest failures as a writer is my tendency to start longer projects, then get distracted from them by new ideas and never finish the old ones. This one, started back in January 2014 and abandoned for a long time, is finally done and I couldn't be happier about it. Go ahead and give it a read; it might be my favorite thing I've written, and it's managed to become my longest non-compilation story. I'm so happy you guys.

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  • 30w, 3d
    Just saying hi!

    I realized I've been rather silent recently, so I figured it might be nice to change that! I've been having little problems actually getting writing done since I last blogged, but I'm thankfully getting some real work done on my latest chapter of Hood Rat today. I'm on an eight-hour train to visit my cousins, so I've kinda had a bit of free time :twilightsmile:

    That chapter, by the way, was intended to be the last, but I really got on a roll writing the first half of it, so I'm strongly considering splitting the chapter in two. I prefer to not make my chapters too too long, and what I've been writing is reaching a good break point, so perhaps that might be the way to go. If I do split it, there's a good chance the penultimate chapter will be up tonight! If not, it might be a couple of days, depending on what I've got going on with family.

    After that, I've got a number of options. I had one or two little ideas for new stories, but I think I might want to keep with getting back to my old stories. I still have three or four old stories that I haven't updated in a while and that could sorely use the treatment I've given Hood Rat, so it's more likely that I'll work on one of those unless I really get inspired to do something new.

    Thanks for following me and being patient with my terrible rate of updating/awful amount of communication, and I hope you're enjoying my work!

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  • 36w, 4d
    Bronycon Blog Part 2: Swag!

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  • 36w, 4d
    Oh god Bronycon was awesome.

    This was the first Bronycon I've been to since 2012, and I had an absolutely amazing time you guys. I spent most of my time hanging out with a few online friends (not from Fimfic) and was happy to meet a whole bunch of awesome people from here, including (but not limited to) The Abyss, Skeeter the Lurker, Titanium Dragon, xjuggernaughtx, Seether00, maskedferret, wayward_pony, Brasta Septim, and I'm sure there are others but my brain is fried right now. It was a pleasure meeting everyone! I'm not the most social person in the world, so I could have probably been a bit more visible, but I was very happy to meet people and put names to faces.

    I only went to a few panels, almost all writing related, but they were all very interesting. The romance panel might have been my favorite (big shocker, looking at what I usually write), but they were all super-interesting and informative.

    Oh, and I spent way too much money. I'm coming home with Sweetie Belle, Fluffle Puff, and Tender Taps plushes, and also put in a commission for a Saffron Masala (AKA new Best Pony Behind Applejack) which is going to be a pretty penny. But I don't regret a single cent of it :twilightsmile:

    So because I am a silly person, my main goal was to have at least one person recognize me by my nametag. That definitely happened with other writers, but there was one that caught me by surprise and absolutely made my day.

    So I'm walking around the market and see Whitediamonds' table. For those who don't know her, she is an amazing artist who ran the Rarijack Daily Tumblr. So I decide to go and buy a print for a friend of mine (I wasn't spending any more money on myself since I spent so much, but would have done so otherwise because I love her art). So I walk up and say hello. She says hello, then looks at my nametag and says that she recognizes my name! It turns out she has read some of my stuff! I apologize for fanboying, but just the fact that someone whose art I love so much likes my stuff just tickled me so much. It totally made my day. And now I think I need to write a Rarijack :raritywink:

    I'm currently waiting on my train home, and I already miss it. This was such a great con, and I'm looking forward to hopefully going again next year and having just as great a time :D

    Oh also I worked on the new chapter of Hood Rat while here. It's nearly done, and I estimate it might be up tomorrow or even later tonight.

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  • 37w, 1d

    Add me to the list of people you follow who are posting about going to Bronycon!

    I'll be at the con on Friday and Saturday. Maybe a tiny bit of Sunday, but I have a kinda early train on Sunday so we'll see how it goes. I'll likely be in either a purple shirt with Sweetie Belle on it or a brown shirt with Fluttershy on it, so feel free to say hello if you see me! I realize that this may describe a fair amount of people at the con. If you see many people wearing said shirts, feel free to say hello to as many of them as you like until one of them is me. You can even continue after you find me! Who am I to tell you what to do?

    Also, thank you so much for the recent interest in Hood Rat ever since I got back to it. I'm so into this story you guys. I just put out a chapter today, and I'm hoping to start writing the next chapter tomorrow during my train ride.

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  • 48w, 3d
    A bit of musing, for a potential future purpose.

    Can a blog's title be any more vague?

    So I recently received my hardcover copy of Through the Well of Pirene, and that got me thinking more than usual about wanting to try and publish one of my stories. The problem is, my stories tend to not be all that long. Other than my compilation of Thirty Minute Ponies stories (at about 75k words altogether) and Sugarcoat Interferes in Everything (currently at 45k with a lot more to go, but it's also more of a compilation thing), my longest story is Small Scale at 30k, which is coincidentally the one I'd probably lean towards if I wanted to get something published.

    Here's where you guys come in! Small Scale is possibly my favorite thing I've written in a long while, but I know that it's far far far from perfect. So here's two questions for people:

    1) Which parts in the story could use more detail? Not just elaborating a bit more on things, but like, what do people think could really stand to be added to make it a better, cleaner experience? In my burst of inspiration and fervor to get chapters out, I know I missed out on expounding upon things that could have used some more effort. I know that there were plenty of comments on it on the story itself, but I figure this could be a good place to gather people's ideas for what parts of the story need more work. That way, if I do decide to go back and revise things, I'll know what to aim for first.

    2) If I were to fix the story up a bit more and look into getting physical copies made, is there any interest out there in them? I wouldn't want to spend the money to try and get them published if people wouldn't be interested.

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  • 49w, 3d
    Bored. Ask me stuff.

    I don't feel like I interact with my followers enough, so go on and ask me anything! I'm not saying I'll answer ANYTHING, but I'll answer most things within reason! Writing questions, questions about me, questions about random topics...whatever!

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  • 52w, 1d
    So this is happening.

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  • 53w, 1d
    Does anyone enjoy tabletop RPGs?

    I can't believe I haven't thought to advertise this before. I am a dummy.

    My friends and I do a podcast called Rag-NERD-rok, an episode of which goes up every week. It used to be more of a show format, but now we exclusively do actual plays (APs) of tabletop RPGs. If this sounds at all interesting to you, go check us out! If you do give a listen, I'm Erik! I mean I'm still Erik if you don't give a listen, but if you DO give a listen, that's how you can tell who I am! We're also on iTunes!

    BTW, apologies for no horsewords coming out any time recently. I've had a bit of writers' block. Hopefully I'll get back to work on Hood Rat soon!

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  • 55w, 2d
    The State of my Ongoing Stories

    So I have a problem.

    It's a problem I've had for a long time now, one that I should really control. A problem that I'm going to do my best to start fixing right about now.

    That problem is all the stories I've left unfinished.

    Right now, unless I'm counting incorrectly, I have seven incomplete stories. That's kinda unacceptable in my book. I blame this entirely on myself and my annoying tendency to drop what I'm doing with a story when another story idea comes to mind.

    With this being said, I've devised a gameplan. I've devised gameplans in the past and not stood by them, but hopefully this time will be different!

    Step One:  I'm going to do my best to not start any new stories. I fully expect myself to break this rule before all of Step Two is finished, but I'm going to try my best not to. This is the primary reason behind me not having finished my other stuff, and this needs to stop. Unless something comes along that I think is way too amazing to put off, I will be fully concentrating on finishing older stuff.

    Step Two: I'm going to try and concentrate on one story at a time until it's done. There will be one exception, which I'll explain in a moment. With Small Scale, I discovered that I do have the level of concentration and determination to walk into a story and do nothing else writing-wise until it's complete. Granted, my level of inspiration and production for Small Scale was an anomaly for me, and I'm not expecting to get to that level again (though it'd be nice!) but any improvement is welcome.

    So, as stated earlier, I have a whole bunch of incomplete stories. Here's a list of all of them and an update on where they fall in this new plan.

    Hood Rat: Of my incomplete stories, this is the one I want to finish most. I've targeted it as my next story to complete, and I'm actually already about 1700 words into the next chapter. Hopefully that should be out within a few days, and then I'll be getting to work on the next chapter after that.

    Excess: This one is right after Hood Rat in terms of what I want to work on. Unless I change my mind, this is likely what I'll be getting to after Hood Rat.

    Sober Companion: I'm at a strange place with this one. I do want to finish it, and when I made a post a while back asking which of my incomplete stories people wanted me to work on next (I.e. One of those other times I tried to buckle down and do what I'm doing now but failed), this was the story that won. It has its supporters, but I personally have trouble working on it for some reason. I actually started a new chapter of it a while back, but that's stuck at like 300 words and this was a while ago. I have a difficult time finding inspiration for it, but I still very much want to continue it. I might try to go for this after Excess.

    Scoot Pilgrim: This one might unfortunately be a bit grander of an idea than I think I can finish. However, I still want to try. This one is in limbo, but looks somewhat likely to be returned to.

    The Curiously Colorful Case of Chroma Splash: This one is a sentimental favorite, but has kind of the opposite problem that Sober Companion does, in that I have inspiration to work on it but I don't know it people care. I realize that it's a story about an OC and there's some stigma behind that (as well as behind any canon/OC story with a romance tag), but I'm left wondering if people are interested at all. If you are, please let me know! There's a small chance I might push this as the next to work on after Hood Rat instead of Excess, but we'll see.

    Booty Call: I really wanted to finish this sooner, and actually have a good 1000 or so words ready for the next chapter, but I haven't really been in the mood to write clop recently. This will be finished, as I really wanted to get it done, but I'm not sure where it'll fall on the schedule.

    May the Best Rut Win!: This one was a goofy idea and I'm not sure if I have the inspiration to return to it. It's being left as questionable, but we'll see if I can get back to it. Why do I have so much trouble finishing Appleshy clop when Appleshy is my OTP? Though this one's more suggestive than actual clop, but my point still stands.

    Sugarcoat Interferes in Pony History: This is the exception. This will be updated whenever I can find the time, but considering all the other writing I have to do (and all those pesky non-writing things like work, social activity, and sleep), it might be tough. I'll try to get some of these done between chapters of the other stuff.

    That should cover everything. Hopefully I'll actually finish all this old stuff sooner than later!

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  • 57w, 1d
    Slight change of plans.

    I know I said at the beginning of the most recent chapter that tomorrow's chapter would be the last one, but I realized that I have a little too much to do to wrap it all up and one chapter. So instead, tomorrow's chapter will be the penultimate chapter, and the last chapter should be up on Friday.

    Thanks again for your continued enjoyment of this story. It has really been a joy to write, as well as to see everyone debating over!

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Worst update ever. · 3:59am

New character tags, but no Coloratura? Garbage.

...Yes, I'm kidding. This is a fantastic update. NEW CHARACTER TAGS AAAAAAAAAA

Working on updating my old stories with new tags. Though this does make "Blossomforth Needs Her Own Tag" a bit obsolete now...

#1 · 10w, 2d ago · · ·

We finally get tags for characters we didn't know we needed.

#2 · 10w, 2d ago · · ·

Just realized that, too. There are a bunch of missed characters, though. I noticed an Equestria Girls Fluttershy one in particular. :derpytongue2:

#3 · 10w, 2d ago · · ·

You know what?

You need your own tag.

And Lunchtime Luster as well.

#4 · 10w, 2d ago · · ·

get out

#6 · 10w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Hold you're horses :yay:


Added Twinkleshine.


Added Coloratura

Added Gabby

#7 · 10w, 2d ago · 4 · ·

We now need a sequel: Blossomforth gets her own Tag

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