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    So uh...wow.

    I know that by posting this, I’ll likely make this change somehow, but I took a screenshot for posterity, just to save the moment.

    I decided to look at my stats for My Sediments Exactly, which I already knew was my highest-rated story. And uh...

    Yeah. I’m a little floored.

    If this is legit, that is super-awesome and I’m humbled by how many people enjoyed the story. I do take it with a grain of salt, though, as I understand that there was some problem with story ratings from the site’s update. But it…

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    A little poll for those who tune into my streams, if anyone.

    You can skip this one if you're not interested in my video game streams. Just putting this out there for those who are.

    So the format of my Tuesday streams is that I play two games. One game is a mystery and different each week, while the other game is one I announce beforehand and which I play each week till I beat it. The last recurring game was Snake Pass, and I just recently beat that, so I'm trying to figure out what will take its place. Yesterday, I played two games I hadn't played on stream before, and then I put up a Strawpoll with a list of games I've played on stream, including those two. I'm trying to see which game people want to take over Snake Pass's slot.

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    New story is out! Also streaming tonight!

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    Twosdays with Twinkle Tonight!

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Worst update ever. · 3:59am January 11th

New character tags, but no Coloratura? Garbage.

...Yes, I'm kidding. This is a fantastic update. NEW CHARACTER TAGS AAAAAAAAAA

Working on updating my old stories with new tags. Though this does make "Blossomforth Needs Her Own Tag" a bit obsolete now...

Comments ( 7 )

We finally get tags for characters we didn't know we needed.

Just realized that, too. There are a bunch of missed characters, though. I noticed an Equestria Girls Fluttershy one in particular. :derpytongue2:

You know what?

You need your own tag.

And Lunchtime Luster as well.

Hold you're horses :yay:

Added Twinkleshine.

Added Coloratura
Added Gabby

We now need a sequel: Blossomforth gets her own Tag

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