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About of Symbols and Ciphers and Written In The Stars... · 12:48am Jan 11th, 2017

Joker here. Look, I feel I owe you guys and explination as to why Of Symbols and Ciphers and Written In The Stars are gone. First off, they're not deleted per se, I just revoked their submissions. Secondly, I got rid of them because PyraFlare quit on me. I'd have gladly worked on them, but I had other projects to attend to, cheif among them Why So Serious. So, if I were you guys, I'd take it up with PyraFlare. Maybe you can suceed where I failed and talk him into returning to the projects. In the meantime, though, I'll be working on both In Brightest Night, In Darkest Day and a new Transcendence AU Displaced project called "The Devil In I," starring Alcor the Dreambender/Mason "Dipper" Pines. My Gravity Falls stories always turn out to be pretty decent, so what could go wrong?

That is all.

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