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  • 174 weeks
    LLtK complete - 04/04/2017

    It’s not perfect but it’s finished. I got to move on or I will stall forever it seems. It's not 100% but it's done. Long Live the King final chapters are now live. I'll probable come back later with another blog post with a look back on the story and how it feels to finally be done with it.

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  • 175 weeks
    Not perfect, but finished - 27/03/2017

    'allo 'allo.

    The story...is done? I’m not really sure. My stomach has been doing back-flips today. Maybe it’s all the coffee I’ve been drinking...maybe not.

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  • 176 weeks
    Blog Title Here - 21/03/2017

    *emerges from the cold vat of the existential void*

    I live!

    So! Ch. 8 “Home” (simple title I know) is feeling rather done. Yet, not done….’cause it’s rather short then what I’m used to writing for a chapter...eh. I’ll get over it.

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  • 177 weeks
    Blog Post - 10/03/2017

    Final two chapters are coming along...slowly-ish-ness-like. I’m not really sure. Don’t want to say too much about what’s in the chapters only that it’s slow moving in the writing of them. I’ve managed approximately 3,500 words through the whole week. Not a whole lot considering. At the same time though what the last few things say is pretty important since scenes are rather quick and compact so

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  • 179 weeks
    Ch. 7 online - 2/03/2017

    On Chapter 7; Magic In Magic Out, Snow Day, A Little Change (Now Live)

    I’m a little worried about the pacing for chapter 7. Or more importantly if Sombra’s character has changed too quickly. I’m probably right, if I’m worrying about it then something’s probably off. I hope that’s just me, and it’s not too glaring for readers all the same.

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Blog Post - 10/01/2017 · 5:34am Jan 10th, 2017

Struggle struggle in the struggle home, on struggle street, on the struggle...yadda yadda.

Chapter 5 is close now. After some new writing/rewriting/savage editing, it is getting pretty close to being where I want it to be. Though once I'm satisfied with it I'll take a day off from reading/writing, rest and relax and come back, and read the the story so far. Just to make sure at the very least that it makes 'some' sense. Also to reflect on whether or not it needs a chapter 4.5 as chapter 5 is just...eh, I don't know, it's a struggle just trying to wrap my pea brain around it at the moment.

Hoping I can close up chapter 5 tomorrow.


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