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  • 144 weeks
    Just a heads up.

    For anyone that happens to find my page and is confused by the presence of the name "GenerousGypsy" on it, I did change my name on the same day I wrote this. I'm going to try to go through all of my work to expunge it, but that may take some time.


    That's gonna take some getting used to.

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    So.... the updates.

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    Hey Doc!


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    Today is Going to Be a Good Day.

    I'm going to make it be a good day.

    I got up early. I've been writing since ten. Doing good. Might even finish something today! Don't... don't get your hopes up on that one.

    Just thought I'd drop a little post so everyone knew I wasn't dead.

    With Love,

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So, Last Night... · 6:34pm Jan 8th, 2017

I binged the ENTIRETY of an anime called Flip Flappers. That's thirteen episodes. It's awesome. I'm not sure what I like so mu... That's a lie. I loved everything about it. The gorgeous animation on top of breathtaking backdrops, the compelling characters, the creative plot execution. I loved everything! While the premise of the show isn't that outstanding, a trend many mahou shoujo anime follow (looking at you Fate/Kaleid and Yuki Yuna!), the way it's executed is splendid in the most outstanding way.

The story starts as such: our two heroines, Cocona and Papika (no, not paprika), must travel to a parallel dimension called Pure Illusion and collect supposedly wish-granting items called amorphous fragments. Yeah they don't grant wishes. There's the usual dichotomy of the two protagonists, with Cocona being calm and cautious, and Papika being wild and free. I mean, really free. Papika lives in a cement pipe in the woods near the school, and she sleeps naked. Cocona lives with her grandmother. But that Dichotomy serves the plot really, really well, and is important later on.

In the first episode, Papika tells Cocona that she can't visit Pure Illusion without her, and drags her off to said dimension without hearing any protest. It's given, oh boy it's given, but not heard. After that, Papika and Cocona get the first fragment and return home. The fragment is henceforth embedded into Cocona's inner thigh, just above her skirt's hem. After that, the first half-ish of show is mostly Papika and Cocona dicking around in Pure Illusion while they look for the fragments. And then it gets serious. Really, really serious.

I won't spoil the ending, but it's definitely worth watching. While Mai-HiMe (because holy shit that was and always will be an amazing show) will always hold a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite MS anime, Flip Flappers is right up there with it, just alongside Kill la Kill and Yuki Yuna. The show is available on Crunchyroll, which is a totally free and LEGAL service for watching anime. The ads might be annoying, but they aren't in bearable. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a unique and exciting anime to watch in your spare time.

With Love,

Ps. I think I might actually make this a thing in my blog now. It was cool to write down my overall thoughts on a show i enjoyed.

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