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"There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory." - Optimus Prime

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    Airsoft OPLC

    So there was an event this past weekend; Operation Lion Claw: Total War. It was officially a three day event even though Friday evening was largely uneventful except for a night op game that went poorly for my team of 8.

    Ok so this is how it went...

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    XXIII - Fifty Watchers!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a little blog for this little milestone for me. Some may not think Fifty Watchers is a bid deal or anything, and it's not really. But for me that is fifty people who read my stories! It makes me smile knowing that people enjoyed my stories enough to press that watch button.

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    Userame Change Notification.

    Hey guys if your wondering why I changed my username it's because I've always liked this name better. Olakaan is my primary OC, I mean that's him in that profile picture of mine.


    Dovah Vahlok --> Olakaan Peliik

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    Update #21

    I honestly don't have a lot to talk about right now. I'm working construction, I have no money, going to pre-college classes, and I'm still alone. Not particularly eventful.

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  • 234 weeks
    Flames V.2

    While Strider V.2 has been completed, Flames goes into the V.2 process.

    Flames has been put into Hiatus status, and will be edited. New things will be added, old things will be removed. Once I am done I will be returning it to “Incomplete”, and the story will continue.

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Late Night Update · 7:20am Jan 8th, 2017

Anyone want the scoop on how things are on my end of the line? No? Too bad your getting it anyway.

I'm working at as a Parking Attendant fourth season doing the job. owns Snow Summit and our sister resort .

All the changes they did in the two years they've owned us is kinda crazy. Our over-boss in parking micro manages everything we do, and when she uses the radio she wont shut up. What if there is an emergency? She's talking and wont shut it!

Now that I got that out.

Flames and Strider are going good, I've also resumed work on Fallout Equestria: Chains that Bind. I have two short stories on the way. They are kinda a surprise.

All writing has been slowed in general because my laptop decided to not work, and the tower I built to replace it isn't working either. I'm going to a large computer store off mountain tomorrow to see if I can get the computer tower working. I'm writing using google documents on my phone for the most part. I'm able to use my parent's computer in the office from time to time as well.

Because of my lack of a computer I can't change my profile pic to the normal one. I'm stuck in X-mas mode for the time being.

Alright stay frosty guys, bye!

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Do you basically live on the mountain during the season?
also yay! Christmas forever! the holiday season shall not end so long as you have your profile pic to extend the cheerful time!

4373993 I actually live on the mountain full-time. It's my home.

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