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  • 260 weeks
    I'm back, bitches, and still kickin'!

    So yeah. Sorta went awol out of nowhere without really saying anything. Big 'pologies there to anyone who missed me lol u probably didn't even realise I'd fucked off did u

    Truthfully, I was getting sick of the site.

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  • 279 weeks
    Rest In Peace, Buster.

    November 7 2000 - January 7 2017

    So long, old friend. You were the best damn fifty bucks we ever fuckin' spent.

    goddamit, I hate goodbyes

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  • 280 weeks
    oh yeah, that's right. the year ended did it?


    I spent the last couple of hours having an emotional breakdown. fuck you, depression

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  • 281 weeks
    It's very fitting they used 'meh'

    Not even the movie itself sounds excited, holy shit

    of course the shit is classy and British

    I can't wait for the Snapchat Filters Movie to come out in 2017

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  • 281 weeks
    Mein Gott!

    So you're telling me that

    A video game made by DICE in 2015 on the Frostbite engine
    Looks better graphically...

    Than a Battlefield 1942 clone made by a dead developer in 2005......

    I am 3shocked. Never saw that one coming, not for a million years.

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Rest In Peace, Buster. · 2:46am Jan 7th, 2017

November 7 2000 - January 7 2017

So long, old friend. You were the best damn fifty bucks we ever fuckin' spent.

goddamit, I hate goodbyes

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God bless, dude. He must've been the best dog anyone could ask for.

Sleep soundly, pupper, :fluttercry:

*snuggles close* I'm so sorry Stigz...

Awwwww, poor Buster. He was a good dog, even if he didn't always hear me call his name.
Shame that this comes on the heels of my cat's death yesterday. Only 2 years off Buster.

Epic sadness sharing buddies right here.

I'm sorry to hear that, Stiggerzz. Poor Buster. At least he got 17 good years in...


--Sweetie Belle

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I gotta say, having to say goodbye to your pet before he's put down has pretty firmly secured itself at #1 on the 'fuck this shit' o-meter.

4372439 I second this.

Having to say goodbye to my oldest Doberman . . . It was hell. My advice is just try to remember the good tInes you had with them, and remind yourself that If they were in any pain, they don't have to suffer any longer.

I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I bet Buster was a great pooch.

At first I thought this was a shitpost because i could only see the fire place next to the chair and assumed the chair had caught fire. My condolences for your pet.

I didn't even get that luxury. He died on the way to the vet.

He got seventeen good years in with you, Stig. I'm more than sure he was happy to be with you the entire time. May he rest in peace and my condolences to you, my friend.

Such beautiful eyes. What joy and wonders they must've seen.

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