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The Beast Within, Chapter 8: Past Influences · 7:21am Jan 5th, 2017

The adventurers set out on the first leg of their journey. Will this be too much to handle from the very start? Or will they be able to get past their natures with a little guidance and honesty? And what of the seemingly love-stuck Princess Celestia? A conversation in a hall of windows leads to some interesting revelations for the two alicorn sisters.

Hey guys! This is a little thing I've decided to start doing. Sometimes people don't check their feed or anything, but if you follow me, you'll now know when something I work on updates! Not only that, but this opens you all up to seeing more from me, such as life updates when the chapter updates, as well as upcoming projects. This also gives you guys a place to comfortably discuss theories and brainstorm ideas for later chapters (which, in the long run, really helps me work on getting more chapters to you all faster. Win-win!).

For me, this was a nice idea, so thanks to Gamerguy1313 for helping me think it up! Hopefully, people will take advantage of this and discuss some plot bunnies! I'll try to respond to every single comment I get, so you might get some insider information.

With that, I'm off, either to work on Stranger In A Familiar Place, or to sleep, as I have work in about 7 hours!

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Comments ( 2 )

I'll definitely have to read it the next time I'm free.

4372494 Haha, I'd really appreciate it! It's honestly one of my favorites right now, and though the first 3 chapters are a little rocky (it was intended to be a one-shot with little to no plot), I can't wait to write more, now that it's up to 8 chapters.

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