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*Sneezes* · 11:14am Jan 3rd, 2017

Never. Fucking. Fails.

Every year, right around this time, I get the mother of all head colds. I can't sleep, or I stop breathing. I can't think straight from hallucination brought on by both exhaustion and fever. I can't play games, as the flashing light make my headache worse, and I can't write, or I'll come back to it later, look at it, and wonder what the hell I was smoking when I wrote it.

I'm booooooored!

*Pouts...then sneezes.*

Report SvenFoxx · 199 views · #sick #again #yay
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Comments ( 2 )

I would suggest listening to any music you got. Plus lots of chicken soup, that stuff works miracles imho.

Aww.... Cute. Here. *gives him chibi Luna and Rainbow Dash*

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